Formative assessment demo



  • #celebratemonday
  • #minikeys reflection
  • Speed dating with formative assessment
  • Send all 5 formative assessments to virtual co-op as per example provided.
  • Exit tweet


Kid President + Peanuts // Life is like a comic.

#minikeys - sharing by students who attended/presented at conference

Total time per rotation: 5 minutes

Speed dating with formative assessment

In pairs, you will demonstrate one formative assessment tool. Your peer will participate in the formative assessment tool. Keys to success:
  • Think about all 5 tools you completed - rank them in your head - no repeats of tools
  • Take 2 minutes per person to present formative assessment tool
  • Start by stating the topic/grade for the formative assessment
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1 minute feedback loop - discussion questions

  • What impressed you about this tool?
  • What could be improved upon? (Constructive critisim)
  • How does it fit into SAMR?
  • Where would this tool fit best into Danielson?
  • How can you link it back to other ed courses?
  • Which standard(s) does it fit into? Why?

8 am layout

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9 am Layout

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Send your virtual co-op the following information for each formative assessment tool and CC Dr. Fecich

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Please send to your co-op by 5pm today

Due Wednesday 11/18

Quest 5 Test

Exit tweet - pick 1 prompt to respond to

  • Which formative assessment tool did you enjoy the most? Why? Be sure to include the company's handle in your tweet and #edtech
  • Why do you need to conduct formative assessment in your future classrooms? add in #educ204toi
  • What can you do with results from a formative assessment in your classroom? add in #educ204toi
  • How can formative assessment help with decision making in the classroom? add in #educ204toi