by Michaela Bitting


Salsa is translated to 'sauce' in Spanish. Salsa is a mix of Latin music genres but mostly of Cuban dance music. Salsa is believed to have originated in west Cuba. It has some Puerto Rican influence as well. It's a common genre which is believed to have become popular in New York City.


Piano, bongos, congas,timbales, trumpet, trombone,claves, cowbell, maracas, güiro, double bass/bass guitar, flute,saxophone, vibraphone, violin, tres/cuatro, Jam block

Some Salsa Musicians Are:

Salsa Dancing

Salsa is not just a form of music, it's also a form of dance. The dance also originated in New York City with influences from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Colombia. The dance mostly consists of moving the legs and lower body in a stepping motion, moving the dancers weight around. The upper body isn't affected by the weight changes, but the arms many move as well as the shoulders.
Ricky Martin - Pégate