Medcalf Minutes

May 16th - 20th - Final edition

Anderson Grove's Purpose and Direction

Purpose: The purpose of Anderson Grove Elementary is to prepare all students to achieve their greatest potential and to positively impact the future.

Direction: In collaboration with families and community, our direction is to support and prepare all students for success through high expectations and individualized learning in a safe and positive environment.

Values & Beliefs:

Family Atmosphere

Collaboration and Communication


Continuous Improvement

3 Be’s – Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Be Known...

Anderson Grove is Known for Being a . . .





Expectation of the Week: Playground Behavior

Be Respectful

  • Invite others to play

  • Follow adult directions

  • Take turns

Be Responsible

  • Line up when the whistle blows

  • Bring equipment into the classroom

Be Safe

  • Stay in designated play areas

  • Use equipment safely and appropriately

  • Go down the slide on your bottom

Social Skill of the Week: Staying on Task

  • Look at your task or assignment.

  • Think about the steps needed to complete the task.

  • Focus all of your attention on the task.

  • Stop working only when instructed.

  • Ignore distractions and interruptions from others.

A Note from Mrs. Medcalf

As we head into the final weeks of school, spring fever and anticipation for exciting summer plans can start to creep in and create a distraction for our students. Though our remaining time together may be short, there is much to do! We have several content units to finish and will test right into the last week of school. Please help your child stay focused and reiterate the importance of finishing strong!

A Note from Mrs. Billquist

Third graders have had a busy year and have learned a lot. They have had many new experiences as well. I have enjoyed being in your child's class this year. I hope that this summer will be filled with fun and lots of laughter. Have a great summer!

A Note from Mrs. von Nagy

All Library Books Due By Friday, May 20th!

The last day to turn in all library materials for the year is Friday, May 20th. Be on the lookout for overdue notices, which will be sent out weekly in May. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. von Nagy at

Upcoming Events

May 20-Last day for library books to be returned
May 25- 3rd-6th grade talent show - 1:30
May 26- Last day of school- 11:40 dismissal


Monday (Day 7) - Music
Tuesday (Day 8) - PE

Wednesday (Day 9) - Media

Thursday (Day 10) - Music

Friday (Day 1) - PE (all library books are due!)

A Peek at our Week

Reading – The last weeks of our reading will let students share their talents with a Reader's Theater play chosen by each group. Students will take responsibility for their individual parts as well as collaborating with their cast mates to put on a wonderful performance!

At Home – Ask your student to share their script with you. How do they plan to show the emotions of their character(s)? What props will they prepare to help the audience understand the play better?

Writing – Letter to our 4th grade teacher. Writers will introduce themselves to the 4th grade teachers by telling a bit about themselves, things they enjoyed in 3rd grade, things that challenged them in 3rd grade, and goals they have for their academics and behavior for 4th grade.

At Home - Ask your child what they plan to share with the 4th grade teachers. This letter may be the first introduction for some students to the 4th grade teachers so what does your child feel the 4th grade teachers should know about them?

Math – Mathematicians will continue their review of geometry and measurement. Students will discuss how 3D shapes differ from 2D shapes as well as similarities and differences between polyhedra and nonpolyhedra. We will also learn how to build 3D shapes using cubes and counting the cubes in 3D shapes, even when they are hidden! We will take our unit assessment before the last day of school.

At Home
– Check out these sites for more information:

Social Studies – Students will continue learning about communities, the environment, and how the actions of people change our environment. We will continue to explore different types of communities, rural, suburban, and urban. We will also discuss the similarities of different communities that form a region. We will take our unit assessment before the last day of school.

At Home – Visit these sites for more information

Types of Communities activity

Types of Communities video

Spelling – This week we will look at words with the -augh and -ough word patterns. Our list this week is: taught, thought, rough, laugh, bought, cough, ought, caught, fought, daughter, tough, through, enough, brought, was, draw, sought, naughty.

At Home – Visit our class page at Spelling City,, to review this week's spelling list.

Thank you Families for all of your support this year! Have a wonderful summer!!!!