Type 2 Diabetes

BY: Alaina Smith Period:6

What Is It?

Type 2 diabetes is simple there's not much to it. Type 2 diabetes makes your body function in a different way. In the body there in insulin and glucose (sugar) in which insulin is made through the pancreas. In type 2 when the pancreas makes insulin and when the insulin receptors doesn't recognize the insulin then the insulin doesn't open the glucose transport protein and a human with this needs sugar (glucose) to have energy in the body.


Type 2 diabetes usually begins when you don't have much exercise or if you keep eating junk food frequently. When doing this and not taking care of your self and just doing the same routine then there is negative effects. The negative effects just deal with hurt problems and could end up in death. The positive effects of type 2 diabetes are it can go away with exercise and eating right.




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