Hydronoxifier One. from MJ Corp.

MSRP: $5550

Larger Than Life

With a large 4'x'4'x8' frame, this shower was made to accommodate people of all sizes, with enough room for more in store.

Premium Aerospace Grade Materials

Walls made of Premium Pure White NASA approved Ceramic, they will never chip, dent, or crack. All walls are sealed inside and out with the latest in Mold-able Crystal Technology. All surfaces are approved to be capable of withstanding 30,000 PSI of pressure. Faucets and Touch-Surface are made of 99.999% Copper to withstand rust and time.

Touch-Surface Hydro Controls (TSHC)

Control your water at the swipe of your hand. Swiping up on the copper plate will turn on the water and subsequently increase the water pressure. Swiping left or right will decrease or increase the water temperature respectively. Swiping down will decrease the water pressure and subsequently turn the system off. More gestures will be provided with automatic updates.

Dual Shower Head Water Injection System

Dual Shower Head systems allows for water to come from two different directions perpendicular to each other ensuring a maximum cleaning experience for the entire body, instead of just the frontal area.

Turbo Drain

Drainage slot ensures maximum drainage at all times and guaranteed not to clog like conventional two-inch holes in the ground.

Ultra Secure Door Lock System

The door locks into place using the strongest magnet on the planet -Neodymium. A Neodymium +Core Copper Tube keeps the door locked at all the necessary times, keeping intruders out and yourself safe. Sapphire reinforced glass keeps the door from shattering.