Indian Creek PK News

November 16-November 20

Classroom News

We are in our fourth unit -Community. Our key concept is getting along with each other. Along with Community, we will also be talking about Thanksgiving this week and what it means to be thankful. We are finished with the straight line letters. We will start doing a letter of the week again. Our letter this week will be Gg.

We are going to work with these words:

Bus driver, doctor, job, mail carrier, police officer, teacher, librarian, firefighter, baker/chef, giving, thankful, Thanksgiving,

We are looking and listening for the words and concepts throughout the day.

We will be reading books about Thanksgiving.

We will learn about number 7 - what it looks like, writing number 7, and counting 7 objects using one-to-one correspondence. We will also be learning about an oval shape.

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to come and help make copies and laminate. If you are interested, please let your child's teacher know when you would be available to help so that we can turn in your name.

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Holiday/No School will be November 23 - November 27. Classes will resume on Monday, November 30, 2015. We want to wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday.


Thanksgiving Lunch

Our cafeteria will be serving a Thanksgiving Lunch on November 19, 2015. Parents are welcome to come and eat with their child but will need to sit at the parent table.

Scholastic Book Fair November 16th-20th

Next week we will open our Scholastic Book Fair in the library. This will give your child a chance to pick out a book they like and that they can keep. We will go shopping and then send home a slip of paper with the book they choose and the cost. Please make sure to look in your child's folder for the slip and the book they would like to have. You are welcome to send the money for the book and tax( 8.25%). Please place the money in a sealed envelope or plastic baggie with your child's name on it and label it book fair money. There will also be time when you can come shopping for your children- remember the holidays are just around the corner and books make a FABULOUS GIFT. The office will send out a flyer with all the details.

Cold and Flu season is HERE!

Your child’s health is of great importance. It is that time of year when colds, flu and viruses run wild in schools, churches, and other public places. We will take every precaution to have a healthy and safe environment. Please consider getting a flu shot for yourself and your child. Having the flu is not any fun and can be life threatening for young children.

We would like you to consider keeping your child home if they have fever, diarrhea and vomiting. It is requested that students be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. Please don't give your child a fever reducer and send them to school. Our bodies create a fever to fight viruses and to give us a warning that we are sick. When you send a child to school sick you will be impacting 20 plus families in addition to the teachers and their families. Teachers don't like missing days of school due to illness.

If your child becomes ill while at school, we will take them to the school nurse. The nurse will evaluate your child and contact you to let you know if you need to pick your child up. Please keep in mind the only person on campus that can give any medication is our school nurse.

Weather and Clothing

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. If you send sweaters or jackets, please make sure you have written your child’s name on the tag or in the article of clothing. We are still planning on going outside unless it is raining or snowing.

We are noticing students do not have emergency clothes in their backpacks. Please check your child's emergency clothing to make sure it is not summer type clothing. Consider placing warmer clothing for emergency clothes-long pants-sweat pants, leggings, long sleeve t-shirts and underwear in a gallon size bag.

School Picture Retakes

Did you miss school pictures? Good news! Picture retake day is scheduled for Friday December 11th.

For Our Whole Day Parents


We need your assistance with lunch boxes. We need to have your child's two meals CLEARLY marked. On the container write BREAKFAST and LUNCH.

Please wash nap time blankets and return to school on Monday. There is nothing like napping on clean fresh bedding.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

AM/PM Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


For Text Messaging please e-mail teacher for instructions

Twitter Handle @Rfreedenberg

Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

Office 469-713-5180