Royal Villa

Sustainability in Royal Villa

Royal Villa

Royal Villa has been a big attraction in the eyes of the "Millionaire Community". In fact, the the biggest uprising project group in the city was named The Millionaire Community to show the respect towards the group. The city is famous for the super luxury condominiums and mansion housing projects.

But above all, the city is now concerned about the clearances of forest happening in the city. Even though the city has high reputation for its super luxury condominiums and villas, the city is now concerned about the clearances of trees occurring in the city, the community has been very active towards the issue including many other organizations including TMC (The Millionaire Community), the group has announced Project Green Villa, where all the organizations and the community get togeather

Some prime locations of royal villa.


As we have watched in the video the UMASS planted their own food through the food they wasted, the wasted was used as a nutrition provider, Royal Villa was working towards. The city was using the wasted organic food of the city and was using it for growing plants and even used to grow food, they community it working really hard to keep its ecological foot print as much as possible, the city has now claimed to be sustained in the future 28 months