Abraham Lincoln,Jimmy Carter and George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

February 12,1809 is when Abraham Lincoln was born. Abraham Lincoln had a sister Sarah. Lincoln's nickname was "Longshanks". Lincoln had a cousin Dennis. Dennis helped Lincoln write his name at home. Abraham Lincoln went to school less than a year but he learned to read and he loved books. Abraham Lincoln led the U.S.A during the Civil War.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was born on October 1,1924. Jimmy Carter had 10 people in his family. Jimmy Carter started to run for president in 1974. Jimmy Carter went to many different states to try to be president. Jimmy Carter's wife told many people that he would be a good president. Jimmy Carter was the thirty-ninth president. He was elected president in 1976.

George Washington

George's father's name was Augustine or Gus for short. Washington was born on February 22,1732. George's birthday is a American holiday. George was president from 1789 to 1797. George Washington fought for our country's freedom from Great Briton. He was known as a strong and patient leader.

Conclusion sentence

In conclusion,Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Carter and George Washington were all presidents of the United States and they contributed success,freedom and foundations.