Remaining at Alert Level 3

10th October 2021

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Dear Parents & Caregivers

You will all have seen or heard the news this afternoon that students will not be returning to school on 18th October.

Instead, we will resume online learning. Teachers will have work posted on Monday morning and students need to get back into the online school routine.

No doubt, senior students with NCEA external exams fast approaching will be worried. However, once again, I can reassure you that we will get through it and everyone will get what they need to continue their education next year.

For those returning in 2022, we have full control internally at school. Students just need to keep doing their best, focusing on the learning they need for a good start next year. For those heading off to university, tech, a course, apprenticeship or a job - we will get you through the entrance requirements. Just keep working to the best of your ability.

It will be OK!

While we have not yet had details from the Ministry of Education following today’s announcement, I have picked up the following key information from the news conference:

  1. Schools will not open on 18th October. This will be reviewed again in one week. For the start of Term 4, Level 3 rules apply and where parents cannot arrange supervision, students can come to school to be supervised. However, they must book in. Details to come later in the week.
  2. Schools will need to have a vaccination register for all students - Get your family/whānau vaccination if you haven’t already. We'll let you know later this week how this will work and how we will go about collecting the required information.
  3. All staff will need to be vaccinated by 1 Jan 2022. For the remainder of this year, staff must have a negative test in order to return to work and non-vaccinated staff are required to have weekly tests.

I can assure you that school is a safe environment and when we get the go ahead to return, it will be completely safe to get back into classes..

Ngā mihi nui

Mike Williams