Yeast Experiment Goes Crazy

Local students love it!

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Today, students at the local Red Hill Consolidated School made history by becoming the first recorded Primary School students to grow yeast using coke instead of water. Their results are likely to have far reaching effects on the baking and brewing industries by demonstrating a new way to control the growth of yeast. Although their initial prediction was for the yeast to grow at an accelerated rate.

By mixing room temperature coke with yeast and sugar instead of plain water and sugar, the students were able to demonstrate a more controlled growth of yeast. Their results showed that the yeast grown in the sugar and coke solution rose to a height of 4cm compared to warm water and sugar which rose to a height of 12 cm.

Further investigation is needed following this ground breaking discovery. Scientists need to discover the precise ingredient in the coke that caused this incredible change in the growth of the yeast. Was it the increased concentration of sugar? The presence of preservatives? Or the presence of some as yet unidentified chemical in the coke that had this effect.

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