Watching You.

Cheyenne West- 09/02/13


Through the events that have happened in the past and might happen in the future, the government is agreeing to have a little bit of eavesdrop on emails and social media. President Obama quotes, "You can't have 100% security and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience."

The government wants society to decide if these online sites are right or wrong. It doesn't just go on from there, it is also your phone, but they aren't listening in on your calls. This is all through the Federal government and this isn't to be involved in your privacy and hurt you but let alone to keep you safe, for any terrorists attacks.

However, this has effected people and the government has been blamed for abusing the 4th amendment. What most can't seem to understand is that you are being watch everyday, not stalked, but looked after, kept safe. For example, cops, they keep an eye out for criminals or for danger that comes your way. Some students are indecicive, some are okay with it and think they have a right to look into my privacy, and some just think its flat out wrong.

Facts and Statistics

  • Within the U.S. and call durations; it does not listen in on calls.
  • The Internet surveillance program, called Prism, started the following year; it involves eavesdropping on e-mails and online chats of foreigners overseas.
  • Authorized by congress and are regularly reviewed by federal courts.
  • "Contending that it violates the 4th Amendment."
  • Cameras mounted on buildings watch for potential terrorists and criminals.
  • "Do I think it's necessary? That's where I'm kind of undecided."
  • "On one hand I think it's extremely invasive."

Real-world application

This article lets the reader know that they aren't safe at all times and they do have someone keeping them safe. Whether it's a cop, their mom, and/or even the government. It opened my eyes to realize that the world isn't safe and that I am beginning watched through emails or social media, not because I am in trouble or it's just to be sneaky but it's to keep me safe. I think teens should take from this and be more careful on what they put out there on social media because you don't know who is watching.
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