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Different vegetarian life styles

There are a whole lot of different vegetarians,here are some of them.

~ Ovo veterinarians; they eat eggs but not any meat or dairy products

~Lacto ovo vegetarians :they eat dairy products not any meat or eggs

~pescetarians; eat no meat but seafood,eggs and dairy products

~Vegans; eat no eggs,meat, or dairy products

~semi vegetarians; eat eggs and dairy products ,but no meat

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Differences and thoughts

Some people think that all vegetarian food is fake, but most of vegetarian food is the every day food for us like tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, watermelons, carrots, rice and many more. There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants and some that are normal restaurants that have vegetarian options.


Here are some foods that vegetarians eat.

The first one is Seitan which is a Fo chicken.

The second one is Quinoa which is a type of seed.

The third one is Tofu which it is used for a egg replacer.

The forth one is Boca Burgers which are Fo burgers.

The fifth one is Silk Milk which is fake milk.

The last one is Veggie sheds which is a type of cheese.

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Here are 5 benifits of being vegetarian

1 Is that it prevents cancer.

2 Is that people live a little bit longer.

3 They will have a less chance of getting diabetes and elastomers.

4 It will give you a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

5 We will have a whole lot more animals.

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