Welcome to New York City


What we have built in New York City

I used a rectangular prism for a hotdog stand. This is where the hotdog man served yummy hotdogs. Then I decided NYC needed to have a pond. I added a blue duct tape hexagon for a pond next to Dylan's Candy Bar. Kids were running wild because they went to Dylan's Candy Bar and explored the three floored trapezoid with a 24 area door filled with Dylan Lauren's candy (picture shown above). After all the kids settled down the moms HAD to treat themselves. So they went to Macy's and enjoyed the coned shaped store. They learned it was the world's largest store. But, they did not like the tricky revolving door. The main attraction was The Times Square jumbo-tron but for the Dads and Brothers it was not was not enough technology. The Dads and Brothers took a taxi to the sphere Apple Store to look at all the new electronics.

Why you should come to new york city

I think you should visit The Empire State because we have wonderful attractions such as, the big things like Times Square, Macy's, Apple Store and Dylan's three floor Candy Bar. To the little things that make your trip all wonderful like hotdogs and taxi rides. At The Apple Store you can get the latest electronics. I also think you should wander around Dylan's Candy Bar and pick up some candy or chocolate covered strawberries. Once you visit Macy's you will feel like it is the best closet you have never ever had. Then SPLASH into our Central Park pond. While you are in the billionth taxi going to the airport please take a glance at Times Square.


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