"She's The Man" & Twelfth Night

Comparisons between the two stories

"She's The Man"

1) Viola dresses as Sebastian

2) Toby, Andrew are friends with Duke

3) Duke tells Viola that he will help her in soccer if Viola helps Duke get Olivia.

4) Malcolm Fetes

5) Olivia Doesn't want Duke because she got dumped before and doesn't to be heart broken

The type of comedy is mostly Farce with a little bit of Low comedy examples for Farce is when people would assume that Viola was a dude and even the principle thought that Viola was a male. Examples for Low Comedy would be when Bastion showed his stuff off to prove that hes a man and not a girl and when Viola shows her girls off to prove shes a girl.

Another type of comedy is comedy manners when Duke says to Viola about how he has feeling and a heart that he wished he could go to Olivia, and Viola says she would hit that.

another example is Farce when Viola has to run away from Olivia in the pizza parlor.

Twelfth Night

1) Viola loses her brother Sebastian

2) Satiation has survived the boat crash.

3) Viola acts as a servant to the Duke

4) Viola pays the captain to not say a word about her dressing as a her brother

5) Andrew in love with Olivia and is very rich

The Type of comedy is low comedy. when Viola pays the captain to not say anything about how she will have boy parts and not be a girl "I will pay you lots of gold to not say a word about my change of life." another example would be Farce when viola breaks down into tears when The Duke (as a title name) tells how hes in love with Olivia and shows great compassion.

Another woman expecting him to be rude crude.

another example would be when she thought THE DUKE was talking about her being in love with her.


1) Duke's in love with Olivia

2) Dresses as a man

3) Viola is a character

4) Viola is in love with Duke

5) The love Triangle (Duke wants Oliva, Oliva wants Viola Viola wants Duke)