Chinese Futbol (Soccer) "中国足球"

"How it came about"

Short Biography (传记)

CFA is the Chinese Football Association and has one of the greatest crews in the world. It originally formed in Beijing in 1924 and joined FIFA in 1931. The Chinese Civil War broke out and the club was relocated to Taiwan. In 1955 the club was independent until it joined the Asian Football Confederation in 1974. In 1979 it finally joined FIFA and made the world class team we know today.

How did it become one of the best? (力求)

The CFA was at a great advantage, because soccer was relatively new in China. People started playing more and more and new "Stars" emerged. With the help of the local clubs the "scouts" found many players for their team.

Top (Chinese) Players of all time. (力求)

Worldcup Standing (国际足联)

Place in World Cup

China was 10th place in Asian part of the world.