November 12th - 16th

Grateful & Content

November 12th: All Grades

Show students the video from Friday's GMS.(Below...labeled google links) Tell them that Ms. Travis is very grateful for all the fun things that we get to do here at Sonntag.

Ask students to think of something they are very grateful for here at Sonntag, and allow them to share.

November 13th: All Grades

Have students watch the video clip below. Today all that you're going to do for the discussion part is have them make any comments that they would like to.

Make the following comments:

Notice how everyone's reaction to gratitude looked different. Some looked embarrassed, some had lots of words, some were speechless. These are all natural reactions, and no matter the reaction, the words of gratitude were welcomed.

Tomorrow is a continuation. :)

November 14th: All Grades

Gratitude Challenge

Have your students verbally share with one staff member in the building their gratitude for them.

Have them do the same with one person outside of school.

(They have until the end of the day Friday to complete the staff member challenge, and until after the holiday break to complete the one for outside of school.)

November 15th: Kinder - 1st

Talk to students about the definition of contentment. (Picture to Right) Ask them about something that they have that they are very content, happy with, and don't want to replace. (i.e.-favorite toy, great lunchbox, etc.)

Allow students to share that want to.

November 15th: 3rd - 5th Grade

Share the definition of contentment with students. Ask them to think about an area of their life where they are still working on contentment. (i.e.-having more things, having an area of struggle such as having to work really hard in Math, etc.)

In opposition, have them come up with an area of their life where they feel they have reached contentment.

Allow students to share if they want to.

November 16th: All Grades

Free Share Friday

Allow students to share some special celebration with the group today. It could be something that happened this week, or that is planned for the upcoming month.

Have a wonderful break everyone! :)

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary