Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter




7 No school/Students & Staff/Labor Day

8 Connect & Assess Day/Picture Day (2 cameras) 9:00-7:00

Grades 6-12 First Day of School

9 Connect & Assess Day/Picture Day (2 cameras) 7:30-3:30

10 Grades K thru 5 /CYCLE A First Day of School on Site

11 Cycle Day B First Day of School on Site


8 Connect & Assess Day/Picture Day (2 cameras) 9:00-7:00

Grades 6-12 First Day of School

9 Connect & Assess Day/Picture Day (2 cameras) 7:30-3:30

10 Grades K thru 5 First Day of School

14 PBIS Meeting/LC 7:30-8:15

15 Staff Meeting/Gifford Cluster 7:30

17 BLT 7:30 (Learning Commons)

(CX’D) All School Picnic 5:30-7:30

21 PTO Meeting (Parent/Board) 5:30 Board/Parent 6:30 (Cafeteria has been reserved)

22 BLT Meeting/Learning Commons 7:30

25 No School/Students only - Teacher Work Day

28 All School Assembly/Gym ??

29 Prof Dev Meeting/Gifford Cluster 7:30



*Thank you K Team for keeping me connected to you as I start this online adventure! I appreciate each of you so much!

*You are all wonderful and I was ecstatic to see half your faces!!!

**Thank you, John B., for being so helpful and kind. You are always a calm presence!

*Thank you, Charlotte L., for our chats…I love them!

*Thank you, Wendy and Kathy, for your organization and being so kind when answering millions of questions!

*Thank you, Bristol, Amanda, Kira, Danielle, Megan for being rock stars and for meeting with me regarding the students we share this year!

*Thank you, Kevin and Pete, for always being open and willing to answer any and all questions!

*Schlep, THANK YOU for answering my 283,927,429 questions 😊 #schoolmom

*Hengel, you are courageous and inspiring! THANK YOU for being our distance teacher for the 4th graders!

*Martie, THANK YOU for your willingness to share your ideas and resources! It is appreciated more than you know!

*Luci, THANK YOU for introducing me to ‘simplisafe’ ………I cannot wait to put it to use! And thanks for the Starbucks!

*Charlotte, thank you for continuing to ‘stop by’ for a chat! We miss you!

*Lexi, thank you for the run! You are amazing!

*Wendy, Kevin and Kathy…………You are ALL amazing!

*Kevin, thank you for the updates and support during this surreal time!!

*Kevin and Pete, you are so busy with loads of meetings – yet you have time for everyone! Thank you!

*Wendy & Kathy – You (most likely) answer the same questions over and over and over and…yet – you respond with a smile and an answer when each of us ask.

*4th grade team, thank you for checking in...even though I am no longer part of the team --- for this year!

*5th grade team, thank you for the welcome! It’s lovely to return to you!

*Kevin – Thank you for answering the hundreds (thousands??) of questions we have all had over the last few weeks. You take the time to address each and every question and find answers for us when needed. Your communication is beyond appreciated!

*Sari, thank you for taking me for a walk! Whew, I needed it!! #JustLikeAPuppy

*Sarah, thanks for the PAW stickers

*Steph, loved our walk and chat!!

*Thank you to the fifth grade teachers who graciously traded masks so that our littles in *Kinder and 1st wouldn’t have to wear adult sized cloth masks 😊 Much appreciated even though it may have given me a good laugh😊

*Jenny Larsen…thank you so much for collecting all of the things I would need to work from home for a few days! Such a savior!

*Thank you Kathi for helping to organize the masks and do the necessary switching so everyone got the size they needed!

*Huge thanks to Char, Heather and Jenny for helping me out when I needed it the most!!

*Thanks to Charlotte for getting my basket of things and hand delivering them to me!

*Natalie, thank you for getting my iPad for me so I could make sure they are charged 😊



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9/8 Candace Rotert

9/27 Stacy Brock

9/30 Margaret "Kookie" LaPlant


10/2 Char Konietzko

10/4 Amy Rutter

Keri Vold

10/5. Jane Rosholt

10/7 Angela Gehlhoff

10/8 Stephanie Peoples

10/15. Pete Orchard

10/18 Trudy Gunderson

10/25. Nicole Lightfoot

10/28 Charlotte Leonard

10/31 Betsi Arvin