What is Science?

Earth Science

Key Idea: As scientists seek to understand the natural world they use skills such as observing,inferring, and predicting.

Observing means to use your senses to gather information

Inferring means to make an educated guess based on observation

Predicting means to make a forecast on the future depending on evidence

Key Idea: Energy can be transferred from place to place by moving objects, waves, or heat flow.

A wave is an up or down, back or forth motion that carries energy from place to place but leaves matter behind.

A medium is the material through which a wave travels.

Heat is the thermal energy transferred from 1 object to another as a result of the different temperature.

Earth Science is knowledge about the Earth.

Key Idea: The Earth system has four main parts:

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All living things, extends to the other three spheres.

Key Idea: Topography of an area includes:

Elevation: The height above sea level of a point on Earth's surface

Relief: The difference in elevation between highest and lowest parts

Landforms: A feature of topography such as a hill or valley

Plains: Nearly flat or gently rolling land with low relief

Mountains: High elevation and high relief

Plateaus: High elevation and more or less level surface

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