different kinds of water

The difference in brackish, fresh, and salt water explained

The Differences in Water

The three main types of water in the world include fresh, salt and brackish water. Telling these different water types apart is quite easily as they are mainly based on the salinity and freshness of the water.

Salt water contains high amounts of salinity and is also known as sea water just because of how much salt is actually in the water. Seawater is denser than both fresh water and pure water because the dissolved salts increase the mass by a larger proportion than the volume.

Fresh water is mainly found in man made lakes and rivers. Much surface fresh water and some ground water are unsuitable for drinking without some form of purification because of the presence of chemical or biological contaminants.

Brackish water is not very common to most people as it is mainly only found in marshes and swamps. Without properly being monitered, brackish water can be very dangerous.

Examples of the different kinds of water

Salt water- sea or oceans

Fresh water- Lakes or ponds

Brackish water- marsh or swamps

Nicole Dodge