York University

By Faith Grassa

Location and Size of York University

York university is located in Toronto, Toronto's population is 2.615 million people.

York University is outside of town, it is approximately 38 minute drive from downtown Toronto.

If you drive 38 minutes south of York University you will find the CN tower, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the Art Gallery of Ontario, Casa Loma, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, The Hockey Hall of Fame, Distillery District, Toronto Islands, Rogers Canter, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto Eaton Centre and many more.

There are 53,000 students attending York University.

Unique Programs/ Courses

Hip Hop and the City


This is an urban study of space and city issues through a lense of hip hop dance. Topics studied in the course include public space, arts, race and identity.

Studies in Genre Horror


This course investigates the genre of horror through horror films and TV series

Athletic Therapy


This program studies musculoskeletal diseases/ disorders and how to prevent them. Also studies how injuries are caused and how to heal them. Also how to properly warm up and stretch and other important athletic information.

Programs I'm Interested In


The study of life and cells. Combines biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, zoology, animal physiology, molecular genetics, plant science, evolution of economy. Students will also be working in a first rate lab and have many research opportunities.


Each year York University's chemistry program improves and expands so the students learning experience is improved each year. In this program students study protein structures, environmental and atmospheric chemistry of nanomaterials science. They also study how other sciences connect to chemistry.

Athletic Therapy

This program studies musculoskeletal diseases/ disorders and how to prevent them. Also studies how injuries are caused and how to heal them. Also how to properly warm up and stretch and other important athletic information.

This program is only offered to students in the kinesiology and health science degree programs.

Programs, Descriptions, Cut Off Grade and Requirements

Program: Business Administration

Degree: BBA or iBBA

Description of Course: This program will teach you the skills to be a successful business person. Students will study applied business ethics, business history, financial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics.

Grade Cut Off: Low 90s

Required Grade 12 Courses: ENGU4U, MHF4U, MCV4U or MDM4U and three additional 4U or M courses.

Program: Biochemistry

Degree: BSc

Description of Program: Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of life and biology. Studies of molecular and sub-molecular levels are taught. This program will also teach students about genetics and the treatment of diseases along with many other topics.

Grade Cut Off: Low to mid 80

Required Grade 12 Courses: ENG4U, SBI4U, SCH4U, MHF4U, MCV4U, and one additional 4U or M course

Program: Kinesiology and Health Science

Degree: BS, BSc

Description of Program: Studies human movement and the relationship between physical activity and health.

Grade Cut Off: Mid to high 70s

Required Grade 12 Courses: ENG4U, 4U math, SBI4U or SPH4U, and three additional 4U or M courses.

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Courses Available for First Year Students

  • Accounting (offered as a certificate)

  • Administrative studies

  • African studies

  • Anthropology

  • Anti-racist research and practice

  • Applied mathematics

  • Athletic therapy

  • Biochemistry

  • Biology

  • Biomedical sciences

  • Biophysics

  • Business and society

  • Business administration

  • Business economics

  • Chemistry

  • Canadian studies

  • Children studies

  • Cinema and media arts

  • Civil Engineering

  • Classical studies and classics

  • Computer science

  • Computer security

  • Contive science

  • Creative writing

  • Crimology

  • Culture and Expreshion

  • Dance

  • Design

  • Digital Design

  • Digital Media

  • Disaster and emergancy managment

  • Discipline of teaching English as an internashonal langueage

  • Drama studies

And thousands more

Space In Programs

There is no average number of students in a class because each class varies from 20 students to thousands. The undergraduate programs generally have more students then as students branch off into the programs necessary for them to pursue their future careers, classes get smaller.

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At York University there are double, single and rooms for 12 people, costs may very. For the students that would like to live on campus, there are also meal plans offered as well. Depending on the residential building you are placed, the residential room options may change and prices may change.

Residence is guaranteed for first year students if they fill out the application and submit it on time.

Athletics and Extra Curriculars

TAIT McKENZIE CENTRE, 11 000 square-foot fitness centre containing 58 cardio machines, 29 workout machines, functional training and free weights, 4 gymnasium, 5 studios, 6 North American squash courts and a 25m pool with lane ropes. The outside facilities include 9 tennis courts, 5 playing fields, a stadium and 2 softball fields. Also ice surfaces and a Toronto track and field centre (indoor and outdoor).

Facilities on Campus

There are art galleries, lobbies many libraries, dormitories, parking lot, Schulich School of Business, religious centres, sport centres, Osgood Hall, student care centres, common spaces within the school and residential areas.

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$7,102 (domestic) or $21, 419 (International).


$5,166 (not including meal plans.)


$1,000- 1, 500

Scholarships and Bursaries

95% and over- $3,500

90-94.9%- $2,500

85-89.9%- $1,500


If your average is within these ranges you automatically receive this money.

Bursaries can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how it was earned.

Scholarships that Require a Application

  • Alumni Award of Distinction Scholarship- must have an average over 90% and evidence that you have been involved in your community and that you are a well rounded citizen. Applications must be submitted with 3 recommendation letters. $32,000 ($8,000 each year, for four years) could be earned.

  • York Renewable Athletic Scholarship- This award is given to athletes with academic excellence. Students must have a minimum average of 80%. $1,000 to $4,500 could be earned. Students must speak to the head of the department within the sport they are interested in applying for, if the coach would like to hear more from you he will have you submit an application.

Cool Facts About York University

  • Scholarships are given to most students

  • Thousands of courses are offered

  • Tons of clubs, teams and activities

  • School pride is a major thing at York University

  • York University also has health and dental plans for students.
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