Spiny Dogfish Shark

Jamie Mendoza

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Fun Facts

  • they are the most abundant sharks in the world
  • they may be found in atlantic and pacific oceans
  • "spiny" refers to mildly poisonous thorn-like spines located in front of each dorsal fin
  • hunts alone or in packs
  • consume whatever they can sink to their teeth
  • they eat krill, jellyfish, crab, haddock, ratfish, worms, squid, octopus,
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More cool facts !!

  • some spiny dogfish dont lay their eggs in the water to hatch, they hatch inside their mother and emerge into the open sea.
  • the female spiny dogfish will produce a little of between 2 - 15 spiny dogfish pups.

Characteristics !!

  • No anal fin
  • Spines in front of each dorsal fin
  • Irregular white spots present on sides and back of the body
  • Strongly oblique teeth in both jaws, with single cusp
  • No subterminal notch on caudal fin
  • Pectoral fins with curved rear margins
  • Narrow anterior nasal flap
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  • they live about 20 -75 years
  • matures late and reproduces slowly with gestation lasting 2 years
  • they can be found at the surface of the ocean (900) meters
  • they can tolerate temperatures between 7 and 25 degrees Celsius
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