AESD Week in Review


Week of May 23-27, 2016

Superintendent's Message

Good Afternoon Trustees,

This week I have been reflecting on the past school year and was overcome with joy at the growth I've seen in our students, staff, governance team and in myself. I am so proud of everything the staff has accomplished this year, especially in the area of instructional technology and taking risks with new ideas. As for our Governance Team, you have exemplified what a growth mindset entails: being open, collaborative, making excellent decisions, and being life-long learners. I'm excited for the great things that will take place in the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. Ideas are already spinning in my head and I can't wait to continue our growth in 2016-2017!

I attended George’s Film Festival. This was the first time the students at George participated in the development of their own films. Throughout the last few weeks, I enjoyed watching the students shoot and reshoot their scenes. Although there were technical difficulties with the rendering of the films, the parents and students still had a good time. I will be working with the administration at George to establish clear parameters for the film festival scheduled for next year.

I met with Cabinet to discuss our final assessment on the overall, progress of our site administrators. As a team, we discussed strengths and areas of growth opportunities for our principals.

I had a meeting this week with staff that will be conducting the Summer Support and Enrichment Classes (SSEC). We had the 18 teachers selected to teach the summer classes and the 3 lead teachers at the planning. I spoke to our three lead teachers to give them guidance on their role during our summer classes. I’m very excited for our students who will participate in this enriching opportunity!

This week, I participated in many "end of the year" events throughout the district. I am very proud of our students, teachers, and staff.

Trustees, have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.


Staff Appreciation Day: The Roaring 20's

Victoria Magathan team celebrated classified and certificated staff by joining forces to put on a Roaring 20's celebration.

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Bradach Elementary Softball Game

The Bradach staff challenged the 6th-8th grade students to a softball game as a way to celebrate the end of the school year. The staff, lead by Mr. Simpson were victorious 9-7. Mr. Simpson's teams have not lost a game in 15 years. Congratulations to all who played for a great game!

Adelanto Elementary School -Principal, Ramon Rizo


Task #1: It is time for student recognition once again here in Cougar Country! We began this week with awards assemblies for 1st and 2nd grade students on Monday and 3rd and 4th on Tuesday. All Wonders of Writing student published books were also awarded with great excitement our visiting community loved it!

Task #2: As we are nearing the end of another amazing school year, all SPED personnel are busily updating IEPs and participating in transitional IEPs for all outgoing 5th and 6th grade SPED students.

Task #3: Topping off our PBIS incentives for the year we celebrated and recognized all students who did not receive a single referral all year! They were invited to the MPR for a quick congratulatory “Pep” talk and short movie.

Task #4: Also this week we are gearing up for our Annual “Cougars Got Talent” talent show this Thursday, May 26th. Our community has been invited to come out as well as a show scheduled so that all students will have an opportunity to be entertained. Go Cougars!!

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Adelanto Elementary 5th Grade Promotion May 31st

Event #2: Adelanto Elementary Kinder and 6th Grade Promotions on June 2nd

Bradach Elementary School -Principal, Julie Hirst


Task #1: Marketing the Message: We honored our ELAC parents at the end of the year ELAC potluck on Weds. We are honoring our parent volunteers at a breakfast/tea on Friday morning. Held the 1st-4th grade awards ceremonies.

5th Grade went to Riley’s Farms for a Colonial demonstration. Posted pics on Facebook. Met with PTA to plan promotion decorations.

Task #2: High Expectations: Began to review the preliminary ELA testing data. Not looking so great. 3rd grade is up from last year, 4th grade is down from last year, but if you compare the students’ scores from their 3rd grade, they showed progress.

Task #3: College Readiness: Our college fair is on Friday from 9:00-10:00 am where our students will be showcasing their college projects they worked on. Spent the weekend working on a Google Drive of resources for the Daily 5 and our Star Wars AVID implementation. Planning our first meeting with the staff. We will be covering Growth Mindset. Held collaboration on Daily 5, reviewed the expectations for word work. Adelanto High came out to conduct AVID interviews for our 8th grade students.

Task #4: Effective Leadership/Instruction: Met with the classified staff to go over their evaluations. Attended IEPS on Monday and Thursday. Held SARTS on Tuesday. Reviewed check out procedures and completed pinks and blues on Tuesday afternoon.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 5/27: Volunteer Tea, College Fair, 8th Grade Prom

Event #2: 5/26: Staff softball game

Event #3: 5/31: 8th Grade Promo 4:00pm CMS 6th Grade Awards and promo 9:00 am DFB

Event #4: 6/1: 7th Grade Promo DFB 9:00 am and 5th grade Promo 1:30 pm

Columbia Middle School -Principal, Rich Upshaw


Task #1: Middle School Tours

Task #2: Promotion notifications

Task #3: Paxton Lab demo

Task#4: Transfer interviews

Task #5 Middle school scheduling meeting

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 7th grade academic awards Thru

Event #2: Promotion June 2 @ 9am

Eagle Ranch Elementary School --Principal, Laura Ramos


Task #1: Our SPED team continues to work closely with administration to make sure all IEPs are current, scheduled, and held. We are continuing to work to maintain the 100% compliance rate. We are also working on transitions for our students headed to middle school.

Task #2: Our staff development time was an Inclement Weather day.

Task #3: The principal celebrated outstanding achievement in Lexia/Strategies with First through Sixth grade students. Refreshments were served. Students will be recognized at assemblies.

Task #4: Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers attended “Get Ahead Writing” Professional Development on campus.

Task #5: Our transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students went on a field trip to the San Bernardino County Museum.

Task #6: Student Attendance Review Team Meetings were held with parents and administration to improve attendance.

Task 7: Second and Fourth Grade students were involved with grade level field days.

Task #8: The Third Grade Culminating Leadership Event, “The World of Animals” was held for parents and students to celebrate learning.

Task #9: Fifth grade held their promotional and their Famous Leaders Wax Museum.

Task #10: Ms. Cavenaugh’s kindergarten class held their annual rodeo for parents.

Task #11: First grade held their end of year awards assembly.

Task #12: Second grade held their “Leaders of Tomorrow” program and awards assembly.

Task #13: Think Together hosted their DJ Party and Banquet.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Tuesday, May 31st Sixth Grade Promotional for Ms. Calvo-Roth, Ms. Hewitt, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Osgood at 8:00 a.m. in the MPR

Event #2: Wednesday, June 1st Sixth Grade Promotional for Ms. Marxsen and Ms. Rolland at 8:00 a.m. I the MPR

Event #3: Thursday, June 2nd Kindergarten Promotionals in Classrooms

Event #4: Wednesday, June 1st Transitional Kindergarten Awards in the TK Classroom

El Mirage School -- Dean, Vanessa Jones

Dr. Jones is now at Melva Davis

Melva Davis Academy of Excellenc Principal, Vanessa Jones


Task #1: We hosted in excess of 700 people at our Monday Night Open House. Due to the numbers in attendance we held two informational sessions.

Task #2: We now have 710 confirmed students.

Task #3: At the Open House students received an informational packet which included the following: An Elective Form, ASB Application, Behavior Contract, and Sports Packet.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 6th Grade Orientation – Wednesday August 3rd 5:30-7:00pm

Event #2: 7th/8th Grade Orientation – Thursday August 4th 5:30-7:00pm

George Magnet School, Principal, Carol Coburn


Task #1: George had it first film festival over the weekend. There were about 28 short films that were presented to George families. Even though, there were some glitches our students did an amazing job. The students wrote, acted, filmed, and produced the films. Students also wrote scripts and built stop animation sets this year. This year we combined an art show at this event. George families walked through the art show before going into the MPR for the film festival. Our masterpiece this year was a mosaic created by students on Starry Night. It is hanging in our hallway near the MPR doors. Students in art have created beautiful pictures, sculptures, and ceramics. I look forward to see what good things will happen in our Arts classes at George.

Task #2: On Wednesday, I held the last Coffee with the Principal for this school year. I spoke to parents about some academic activities and strategies they can use at home this summer to keep their children reading and writing. Parents asked me to talk about what new things will be happening at George next school year. I spoke to parents about the academic focus on mathematics and a new intervention math program that the district will be purchasing for all students. I also spoke about starting tutoring early this school year utilizing the Rewards and Phonics for Reading curriculum for our struggling readers. I spoke about partnering with United Way to bring information about college and career to our students and families.

Task #3: This week we finished up all award assemblies. Many students received Honor Roll, Principal Awards (higher than Honor Roll), achievement awards, and perfect attendance recognition. The awards assemblies were well attended by parents. Students were very proud and excited to receive their awards.

Task #4: I took 44 students to John’s Incredible Pizza for reaching one million words read in AR. Students worked very hard this year to reach this achievement. The PTSA bought t-shirts for all 44 students and each student received an award certificate and their picture posted on the AR tree in the library. The top AR reader was Melanie Salas at 4,385,288 words. We are so proud of our students for reaching this goal.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Music Concert at 7:00 p.m., on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Event #2: 8th grade Dance, Friday, May 27, 2016 @ 6 p.m.

Event #3: Perfect Attendance Field Trip to Silverwood Lake, June 1 @ 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Event #4: 8th Grade Promotion June 1 @ 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Event #5: K Promotion June 2 @ 10:30 a.m.

Gus Franklin Jr. --Principal, Mina Blazy


Task #1: IEPs on Monday

Task #2: Walked the classrooms – looked for student engagement

Task #3: Walked the school with Superintendent last Friday

Task #4: Awards assembly for TK – 4 and 7th grade; perfect attendance, honor roll, principal awards, STEM, Reading, Writing, student of the month

Task #5: Organizing classrooms for next year

Task #6: Attended NGSS Rollout: I have ideas on PD for the GFS school site

Task #7: Practiced for 5th grade promotion at 9:30 on Wednesday

Task #8: Practiced for 6th grade promotion at 10:30 on Wednesday

Task #9: SART meeting complete

Task #10: Attended MDAE orientation; great turn out

Upcoming Events

Event #1: May 27th - Father's Day - Day of Fun Celebration at 2:00p.m. tk

May 31st - Water Fun Day - Celebrate in classroom and on kinder playground (all day event)

Event #2: June 1st – 5th and 6th grade water park field trip

Event #3: promotion May 30th 5th grade and June 2 6th grade

June 1st - Game Day - Kids bring games from home (morning) & Final Awards Assembly in my classroom at 2:00p.m.

Event #4: 4th and 7th grade awards May 27th 9:30 am

Event #5: 5th -7th grade dance - afternoon –May 27th

Event #6: May 25th tk & K Aquarium of the Pacific

Event #7: Awards 2nd – 3rd 9:15 am; tk-1st 2:15 pm – May 26

Event #8: Mojave Narrows; Mrs. Bird (7th grade) Mrs. Cooper (1st grade) Friday, May 27th

Mesa Linda Middle School--Principal, Darlene Mossman


Task #1: Think Together rep meeting 5/20/16

Task #2: Attended SARB 5/23/16

Task #3: 7th Grade Awards Celebration 5/23/16 @ 7:45am

Task #4: 8th Grade Awards 5/24/16 @ 7:45am

Task #5: Middle School Campus Parent Tours 5/25/16 8am – 1pm

Task #6: MLMS Preview Night 5/25/16 5:00pm @7:00pm

Task #7: Met with regional AVID rep. Received recertification for another year

Task #8: Transfer teacher interviews 5/26 @ 7:15am, 3:00pm, and 3:30 pm

Task #9: Met with Pastor Paul for wrap up 5/25/16

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Secretary III interviews @ 9am 5/31/16

Event #2: Staff BBQ @ 1:00pm 5/31/16

Event #3: Clerk III interviews @ 9am 6/1/16

Event #4: 8th grade Promotion Ceremony 6/1/16 @ 5pm – 7pm

Event #5: Final day of school 6/2/16 @ 90min early out

Event #6: Expulsion meeting 6/2/16 @ 3pm

Morgan Kincaid School ---Principal, Kristen Cooper


Task #1: Multi-cultural assemblies were held.

Task #2: I attended the LCAP meeting.

Task #3: Make up testing was conducted along with the 5th grade science test.

Task #4: SST meetings were held for 13 students including 11 initial meetings and two follow up meetings.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: We will be celebrating our staff appreciation week the week of May 18th

Event #2: Our Volunteer appreciation lunch will be May 29th.

Ted Vick School- Principal, Vikki Chavez


Task #1: Held end of the year Round Up awards assembly for grades 1-4 students.

Task #2: Coffee with the Principal where we discussed new school hours, ways to participate as parents and concerns and solutions for next year.

Task #3: Met with PTA parents to discuss concerns brought forward by staff and by High Desert Council Reps.

Task #4: Fourth grade classes went on AVID field trip to CSUSB and SB County Museum.

Task: 5: Continued working with EL Coordinator to complete reclassifications.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Staff vs. 6th Grade Softball game.

Event #2: Promotion assemblies: May 31- 5th grade, June 1- 6th grade, June 2- 7th and 8th grade.

Victoria Magathan School -Principal, Sandra Loudermilk


Task #1: Teachers continue to teach from the curriculum. We are trying to keep routines going to limit the amount of misbehaviors.

Task #2: Our Staff Appreciation luncheon was Tuesday. It was a great event, thank you for coming.

Task #3: Our volunteer luncheon was Wednesday. We have many dedicated volunteers.

Task #4: Our reclassification celebration was Thursday; we reclassified more than 30 students this year.

Task #5: Our awards assemblies were Friday. We love recognizing our students for their achievements.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Fifth grade promotion is Tuesday at 8:00.

Event #2: Sixth grade promotion is on Wednesday at 8:00.

Event #3: Kindergarten promotions are Thursday at 7:50 for our English classes and at 9:15 for the dual immersion classes.

Event #4: We will have field days for the students on Wednesday and Thursday.

West Creek Elementary School -Principal Deborah Bowers


Task #1: Awards Assemblies: This week we celebrated our students with awards for perfect attendance, writing, reading, math and honor roll. Our students were very proud of their accomplishments and parent attendance showed how proud they were of their children. Both awards assemblies were well attended by parents and guardians. Teachers have expressed how excited they are about awards because it allows them to appreciate the positives in their classrooms.

Task #2: 5th grade team: Our 5th grade team had a theme each day of the week. There was a “lucky penny”, National Blueberry Day, National Cellophane Tape Day just to name a few. Every activity the students did revolve around the theme of the day. I personally liked the National Blueberry Day (Blueberry Cheesecake the students made). The 5th grade team shared with administration how the students didn’t want to leave at the end of the day and how many of them expressed how they wish school was like this all the time. Activities involved experimentation, reading, planning, collaboration, problem solving and much more. Administration has encouraged activities such as these all year; we are excited to see teachers taking the risk and trying new strategies to engage their students in learning.

Task #3: Evaluations: As we wind down the year, classified and certificated employees are meeting with admin to discuss their evaluations. For me, some of the conversations were difficult because I appreciate the person but I needed to address their job performance. After talking with some about how to improve their evaluation for next year, I saw some change in their work ethic on campus. The biggest area for change was in how people treated each other; there needs to be more professionalism among our staff. As we move into next year, I will be reminding employees of the expectations for treatment of others; not only staff members but our stakeholders as well.

Task #4: Basketball Tournament: Our boys took the 3rd place prize! We are very proud of their accomplishment and look forward to next year when our team will be competing again. Besides doing well in the tournament, our basketball team has developed a relationship with each other and staff on the campus. I can often ask our proctor for help in assisting with students from the team because she was involved with the team on the court. She is always a great resource. I look forward to her working with our students next year.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: May 31 @ 9:00: Kindergarten promotion

Event #2: June 1 @ 9:00: 6th grade promotion

Event #3: June 1 @ 1:00: 5th grade promotion

Westside Park Elementary School -Principal Sherelle Crawford


Task # 1: The Journalism Club completed their final Wildcat Press for this school year. It is posted on the WSP website.

Task #2: GATE makeup testing was completed by Jennifer Behrman.

Task #3: SBAC makeup tests were completed for newly enrolled students.

Task #4: Pinks and Blues for the 2016-17 school year have been organized by class sets.

Task #5: Final report cards are being printed.

Task #6: IEP, SART and SST meetings were held to support student achievement and improvement in attendance with parents.

Task #7: Parent Involvement: Parents enjoyed the student performances during International Week. Parent volunteers were celebrated with gifts and a luncheon. In addition, The Adelanto Rotary donated two $25.00 gift cards that were given during a drawing at the luncheon. Parents were proud of their students’ accomplishments that were recognized during Trimester 3 Awards Ceremony.

Task #8: Perfect attendance. Students with perfect attendance from the beginning of the school year were presented trophies during the Trimester Awards assembly. Their names were put into a drawing for the opportunity to win 1 of 6 bicycles. The six bicycles and helmets were donated by a WSP parent.

Task #9: 2nd graders enjoyed a unique learning opportunity as they participated in an on-site field trip experience. Students created “Selfie Portraits” by using recycled art and materials.

Task #10: Students and staff enjoyed a special time together during Field Day. This was our final PBIS reward activity for the school year. Teachers created fun activities for students.

Task #11: We discussed changes to the 2016-17 Breakfast program during staff meeting.

Task #12: The PBIS team met to develop the calendar of events for the 2016-17 school year. The staff enjoyed the PBIS video.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: TK & Kinder promotion, 6/1/16 @ 9:30 am

Event #2: 5th Grade promotion, 6/1/15 @ 2:00pm

Event #3: 6th grade promotion, 6/2/16 @ 9:30am

Chief Academic Officer-Dr. Nguyen-Hernandez


Last Thursday I participated on the interview panel for the Assistant Principal for Columbia Middle School. Every member on the panel ranked the same person as their number one choice for the school. With the Board’s approval, we are very excited to have this individual join the Administrative Team!

On Wednesday, I lead the parents who attended the Middle School Campus Tours. Although we had 52 parents send in their RSVP, we only had 15 parents who attended. Even though the turnout was much lower than we had prepared for, the parents who did attend were very thankful. They commented on how great our schools looked and how well behaved our students were in their classes. They also stated that this tour made them much more comfortable with having their child at the middle schools next year and they promised to share their positive experience with other parents at their child’s current school who may be nervous.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Fri, May 27 – I will be attending Eagle Ranch’s 5th grade promotion at 11:30 am.

Event #2: Tues, May 28 – I will be attending Eagle Ranch’s 6th grade promotion at 8 am

Event #3: Wed, June 1 – I will be attending Bradach’s 7th grade promotion at 9 am, West Creek’s 5th grade promotion at 1 pm, and El Mirage’s 8th grade promotion at 5 pm.

Event #4: Thurs, June 2 – I will be attending Gus Franklin’s 6th grade promotion at 10 am.

Chief Business Officer- Mr. Ajay Mohindra


Task #1: Mr. Livingston and I attended the District track meet at Columbia Middle School. We had a very good participation of students. Parents were in attendance to cheer the kids on. Staff did a good job of organizing the event.

Task #2: District negotiations team held a bargaining session with CSEA to discuss various articles which were open by both parties. Both parties had good discussion on the articles and are close to signing off on some of the articles.

Task # 3: Continue to work on budget development for fiscal year 2016-17 and meet with M&O and Child nutrition staff.

Task # 4: Met with auditors to discuss 2015-16 school year audit. Discussed middle school parent conference days and district decision to exclude those 4 days and revise P2 attendance report.

Chief Personnel Officer- Mr. Todd Beal


Task #1: Certificated

References on applicants from previous interviews are being conducted. We currently have 7 teachers who are completely clear and ready to start next school year. The induction candidate’s colloquium occurred on May 23, 2016 and was a huge success. Speech language pathologist interviews occurred on May 23, 2016. A candidate was selected to move on in the hiring process. Middle school music teacher interviews occurred on May 26, 2016. PE teacher interviews occurred on May 27, 2016. Contracted teachers for General Education and SAI continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Certificated substitute/guest teachers continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Substitute teacher coverage was at 94 percent even though there were school business absences all days this week. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #2: Classified

The library media coordinator and enrollment center clerk tests were given on May 27, 2016. Contracted classified employees continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Classified substitutes continue to be processed. Processing of volunteers for the 2015-16 year continues. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #4: Risk Management

5/24; Attended the HDIEE Trust Board meeting with CSEA Representative Jeanette Wheeler at Victor Elementary SD. Brian Hahn is out on leave. Discussion involved: Blue Shield and Kaiser plans, Open Enrollment, Focus on plan utilization and high dollar claims along with prescription usage. We are once again implementing the Walkadoo Program for our wellness program for the 2016-17 school year. We will be kicking it off this Fall. Also, we have a new program called TELEDOC thru Blue Shield that will start effective 7-1-16, therefore myself and Blue Shield will be sending out information to all of our eligible employees. Blue Shield subscribers will now be able to get non-emergency medical assistance for a $10 copay over the phone, etc. Our Open Enrollment is just about over. 5-27-16 is our last day to make benefit changes.

5/25; Peter and I met with the Probation Officer’s Supervisor. We had a great conversation regarding our expectation and goals for the new school year. We want to see a schedule with classes and programs for our students and parents. This will be beneficial to have at the time that a parent comes to SARB. We also want him to be more visible and develop relationships with Administrators and students.

5/27; TDAP meeting to discuss our plans to implement a clinic for our students.

Task #5: Child Welfare and Attendance

We started taking applications for the after school program at Melva Davis at their open house. We had qualified for the ASES grant upon opening of the school with CDE. So planning is in place to have the program begin for 2016-2017. All of our schools will continue to have our ASES programs for 2016-17.

Student athletes from five of our elementary schools participated in our first Adelanto Elementary School District track meet on May 19th at Columbia Middle School. We had divisions for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade for both boys and girls. Our student athletes participated in running events from 50 meters to half a mile. Our races were highly competitive and families and students cheered each other on in the friendly competition.

Task #6: CSEA Negotiations - N/A

Task #7: ADTA Negotiations - N/A

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 5/19/16 – Assistant Principal Interviews

Event #2: 5/26/16 – Music teacher MDAE interviews

Special Education- Jennifer Johnson


Task 1: Held all of the transition IEP’s for 1st class preschool students that will be joining us next year as kinder students

Task 2: Held all of the transition IEP’s for Friendship preschool and AVEEC students that will be joining us next year as kinder students

Task 3: Met with all the principals one on one to discuss Special Ed configuration and numbers for next year

Task4: Met with STS staff regarding the move to Ted Vick and CMS

Task 5: Preparing for ESY and assigning the paraprofessionals was done this Thursday

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Due Process Resolution meeting with VVUHSD 05-27-16

Event #2: Department meeting 06-01-16

Event #3: Compliance monthly reporting meeting 06-02-16

Event #4: Special Ed Directors meeting in Hesperia 06-03-16

Event #5: Potential Concerns and Solutions

Event #6: Just preparing and meeting with all the sites to plan for all the changes for next year.

Director of CNS- Delise Barringer

Out on Sick Leave

Thumbs Up

Jennifer Henao- Assistant Administrator at Gus Franklin and VME,

Jennifer is a hard-working administrator who exemplifies true leadership. Jennifer is collaborative, approachable, and diligent in working with our most "at- promise" students. We are fortunate that Mrs. Henao has joined our team earlier this year.

Quote for the Week

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