Modern Issues: Slavery

Human Trafficking

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According to a report released by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime in 2014 trafficking has been identified in:

  • 124 countries
  • it affects 152 nationalities
  • 510+ different types of trafficking flows
  • generates $150 billon per year


  • 53% forced sexual services
  • 40% forced labor
  • 7% is a variety, ex: child soldiers
  • 0.3% are victims of organ harvesting



  • 49% adult women
  • 33% children
  • 18% men


Federal Law

  • In the United States the federal law states that a person caught trafficking another human being is sentenced 15 years to life. Though this punishment is set, every state has the opportunity to create it's own legislation for punishment of the crime.
  • New legislation is being passed in states (North Dakota, California).
  • Other places in the world are amending laws and closing loopholes to diminish human trafficking.
Former human trafficking victim speaks out

"There are two types of people; one kind who want the violence to stop and those who watch until the violence has stopped." -Unknown

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