Create Awesome Flyers w/ Smore

Learning Expectations

  • Identify ways to use Smore
  • Identify how Smore supports the BISD Digital Learning Platform
  • Design a Smore for an authentic purpose
  • Share a Smore with an authentic audience
  • Reflect/make a plan for how you might use Smore in your work
web 2.0 tool


  • create a classroom, department, library, or principal newsletter
  • create invitations to parents or the public for your school or classroom events
  • share celebrations
  • spotlight about student work or great teachers
  • share upcoming units of study

Even S'more Ideas

  • create a syllabus for a class
  • use Smore as a way to give information on a lesson (embed links, videos, to explain concepts and include web links where students can go to for more information)
  • students create character profile pages for their book report
  • it's a great way for students to prove that they have learned something and to flex their creative muscles
  • create a smore with instructions, tasks, videos, web links, etc. for a flipped learning assignment (either for homework or for a classroom flipped learning workstation)
  • student assignments that involve marketing and advertising principles, self-expression, and targeting writing to a specific audience.

Student Age for Smore

Students 13 and older can use Smore and sign up for an account.

If you would like students 13 and younger to use Smore, they will need to use your teacher account. Be sure that younger students only use their first names and do not make their Smore public (they need to chose the option "Private" only those who have the link can view)

Beyond the Technology Tool

Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational. - George Couros