Attacks on Pearl Harbor 1941

Lauren Tharshis Jack hogg block 3


I picked the island of Oahu. It wasn't just an island it was a big death trap. It was a death trap because It had a big attack on it and a lot of people died. Pearl Harbor was on that island and that is was what the Japanese attacked


The setting was at Pearl Harbor in ohau Hawaii. This took place in the past in 1941. It effected Danny by being scared of what was going on around him like all the bombings.

The message of the bookwas to not give up on trying to survive dangerous things

Book recommendation

Book recomendation

I recommend this book to some one that is looking for a good short book to read. They're all great, but they're really short. It takes me 30, maybe 45 minutes to read. And I'm only ten years old! If your the kinda person that only likes long books, then this probably isn't for you. I think Lauren Tarshis should make these longer. These books are still action-packed, though. To sum it all up: It's action-packed, perfectly described, awesome, a tad short, and an almost perfect book.