Demi's real name is Charlotte Dumaresq Hunt. She was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the year of 1942. Her family is very artistic. Her father was a architect and a actor. Her mother and grandfather were both painters. Demi studied studio art, silk-screening, jewelry making, mural painting, and ceramics. She has written many books such as The Empty Tea Pot.


"It is not how much we doubt how much love

we put in the doing

that makes our offering

something beautiful for God."

Why Demi should advance.

I feel like Demi should advance because she is an extraordinary person. I think that because she has many talents. Also because she has won many awards for her books and illustrations. A way she is influential is when she writes. Such as in her book The Empty Tea Pot. The reason that story is influential is because the lesson of the story is that cheating won't get you no where.