Haley's Bucket List

APRIL 2014

#1- Mountain Climbing

I want to go mountain climbing on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska. The mountains were formed by physical weathering from glaciers and erosion from glaciers carving the mountain and carrying away some rock. I probably go mountain climbing with my cousins because we would just have a great time!
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#2- Rope Swinging

I want to go rope swinging to the Corona Arch in Utah. This is the effect of physical weathering from windy sand scraping the rock away and wind erosion carrying away parts of the rock. I would go rope swinging with Logan because both of us would be freaking out but neither of us could scream!
World's Largest Rope Swing

#3- Skydiving

I want to go skydiving at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Physical weathering from the waves crashing against the shore and erosion from running water dispersing the particles has created the beach. I would go skydiving with my sister because it is just something that we both want to do!
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#4- White Water Rafting

I want to go white water rafting on the Futaleufú River, in Chile. Glaciers have physically weathered the scenery and running water has eroded the shore of the beautiful river. I would go with my friends because we just be playing around and splashing each other!
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#5- Hot Air Ballooning

I want to go hot air ballooning in Gstaad, Switzerland. The beautiful mountains were physically weathered by glaciers and eroded away by the glaciers. I would probably like to go hot air ballooning with my boyfriend because that would be one fun date!
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