Tech @ KV

September 2013

8th Grade

Eighth grade students are learning about computer programming! Using Alice software the students learn about computational thinking and problem solving. Click on the link below to learn more about Alice. Eighth graders also started their online Internet Safety course. Internet safety 101 is a four module course that students complete independently, at home or school, during the school year. The module topics include Digital Footprints, Safe Surfing, Cyberbullying and Social Media.

7th Grade

In 7th grade, students are also using technology to learn about computer science and programming. Scratch software allows the students to program games, interactive stories and animations encouraging creativity, problem-solving and collaboration.

6th Grade

Sixth graders are using Edmodo to complete their introductory technology lessons. Edmodo is an e-learning website in which assignments are posted, monitored and turned in. The students are learning about Digital Citizenship as they work with Word, Power Point, Excel, Internet resources and Alice software. Alice is a free tool that teaches computational thinking while designing programs to animate objects.