by Zander Grandpre


A volcano is a mountain or hill that has a vent or shaft that lava, rock, gasses, and vapor come out of.

Volcanoes are caused when magma rises which then can cause bubbles of gas. The gas bubbles can cause pressure and eventually will explode.

Most volcanoes occur on the edge of plates.

Volcano eruptions can be predicted if Volcanologists have a good understanding about the volcano's past and activity. If Volcanologist can actively monitor the volcano, they can predict the year it will erupt.

Protecting Yourself!

If indoors, close windows and doors, and block off chimneys. Turn off fans, and heat/air conditioning units. Bring pets inside.

Leaving shelter: If you need to leave the house, wear long sleeved shirts, pants, eye protection (goggles/eye glasses) and put a damp cloth over your mouth/nose.

If outdoors, seek shelter. If you see debris falling from the sky (rocks), get on the ground, put yourself in a ball and protect your head. If you're near a stream or river, be cautious of rising waters. If you are burned, seek immediate help. If you do not burns can be fatal.

Preparing in your own home!

Make sure you know who you can call for assistance.

Always discuss plan with family members, have small practice drills to get familiar with where you need to go, and what you need to do.

If you and your family are separated go to the emergency meeting place.

1985 Nevado del Ruiz Volcano

The Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted 13 November, 1985 at 3:06pm. Tephra melted the summit ice cap, a storm also uncovered an area that most people didn't know about when this area was uncovered it generated a series of hot lahars. One lahar traveled down the River Cauca, overlapping the village Chinchina, killing 1,927 people. One lahar traveled at 31 miles per hour, and burst through a damn on the River Lagunillas and hit Armero two hours after the eruption began.

The main reason why the volcano erupted is because the tectonic plate slid underneath one another. The rock beneath it broke and turned into magma due to the hot temperatures, extra magma caused a pressure buildup inside the volcano and eventually the volcano erupted to get rid of that pressure.

More Facts

The eruption caused a mud flow that killed almost 25,000 people in the town of Armero.

The mass tragedy could have been avoided if people took the Volcanologists warnings seriously.

The volcano covers more than 200 square kilometers.

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