ENHS Staff Notes

January 17, 2016

ISTEP Stress Test

At 10AM on January 20th there will be a statewide ISTEP readiness “stress” test. We will be doing this practice test with 10th graders. On that day we will shorten 1st & 2nd periods and go to 3rd period early. The following teachers will be participating in the Readiness Test with the 10th graders in their 3rd Period Class (if you have a mixed class, please plan ahead and have something for other students to work on during the Readiness Test). In the event of a delay on Wednesday, the test will continue but a new bell schedule will created.

Students should have the client installers already placed on their devices...they were working on that during AL this past week. Teachers conducting the Stress Test, you should probably double check your third period rosters to be sure. Not having the devices updated will delay the test and extend the amount of disruption. Prior to Wednesday's test, you'll be given information regarding how to report the issues/results of the test.


  • Brown
  • Charles (can combine with Robinson)
  • Cook
  • Craney
  • Dewitt
  • Disque, M
  • Gump
  • Hamlin
  • Kimmel
  • Leslie
  • Maksimchuk
  • Munoz
  • Nelson
  • Perera
  • Prater
  • Robinson (can combine with Charles)
  • Sabrosky
  • Schlotfeldt
  • Schmidt
  • Swartz
  • Torres

In addition, the following teachers need to send these students to room 203 at the beginning of 3rd period to take part in the Readiness Test. There will be someone there to conduct the Stress Test with this group of students:


  • Colby Antonides
  • Shawn Carrier
  • Evan Dickerson


  • Xavier Bellefleur
  • Travis Hyndman


  • Adam Craft


  • Tim Berendt
  • Macaulay Botteron
  • Jackson Dean

Disque, D

  • Dylan Clark
  • Brett Gibson
  • Alex Nava


  • Kirsten Dickmeyer
  • Aaryn Mortimore
  • Kayli Stollar


  • Autumn Beecroft
  • Griffen Dafforn
  • Lucas Hand
  • Hailee Ann Slone
  • Caleb Stephens


  • Rawan Al Fadhli
  • Janae Lantz-Robb…
  • Taylor Myers
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Launching Soon - ENSC Mobile App

One exciting “techie thing” coming in the near future is that we will soon be rolling out a mobile app for the district. Many people love mobile apps because they bring together important information in one place and they make that information easier to find. This mobile app will provide that ease of finding information to people in our district. It’s important for you to know that the app pulls information directly from our SharpSchool websites, so we all have a major role in the success of this app in our district.

To maintain good customer service with our parents and community, it is important that our stakeholders be able to easily find contact information for our staff members. As a part of a new East Noble School Corporation mobile app that parents will find out about in the next few weeks, there is a link entitled “Directory.” The Directory link takes you to a listing of the people and contact information associated with a specific building. In an effort to get the most current information as quickly and as accurately as possible, all East Noble staff members are asked to modify their profile information on their school’s websites, as the school websites are where the mobile app will pull the information from. The staff members included in the directories include teachers, administrators, assistants, custodians, and secretaries. The process is quick and easy and should only take a few minutes at most.

When you are updating your profile information, you are asked to provide the following: first and last name, your email address, your job titled if it is not already provided, a brief self-description, your class website address, and any other school related social media links that you have, such as a classroom Twitter account, etc. Additionally, we would like you to upload a photo of yourself so that parents are able to more easily put a name with a face. Please log into you school’s website and modify your profile information by January 22nd.

In our HS SharePoint site in the TEACHER RESOURCES Folder, you'll find another folder called Technology. In this sub-folder you'll find a pdf named Staff Directory on School Websites. It has step by step instructions about how to log in and update your profile. If you have questions, see me or Samantha for more information.

Thanks for doing your part to keep our parents and community members updated with our most current information.

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Education Event in Fort Wayne

February 22nd, 6:30 – 9:00pm, Most Likely to Succeed

Join us for a special screening of the highly acclaimed education documentary film, Most Likely to Succeed. This film debuted at the 2015 Sundance Festival and has been garnering national attention ever since. The Summit has been approved as one of the national campaign stops where the film is being accompanied by its Executive Producer, Ted Dintersmith. Following the film’s screening, those in attendance will have an opportunity to participate in an expert panel discussion featuring the film’s Executive Producer, Ted Dintersmith; Dr. Philip Downs, Superintendent of Southwest Allen County Schools, and Dr. Vince Bertram, CEO/President, Project Lead the Way and a current member of the Indiana State Board of Education. This is a free, but ticketed event.

Free tickets can be obtained by registering at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/film-screening-most-likely-to-succeed-tickets-20017884030.

We will be announcing an opportunity for a select group of school leaders, business leaders, and education policy leaders to meet with Executive Producer, Ted Dintersmith, earlier on the same day of the film’s screening for an engaging conversation with Ted about his 50 state tour and his desire to spark a national conversation around innovative teaching approaches to prepare students for the 21st century.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day

Monday January 18th is MLK Jr Day, and ENSC will be in session. There is an expectation that the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr be embedded into the day's lessons. You can use your Maps 101 as a place to start your researching. Feel free to share ideas with your colleagues as to what you plan to do to celebration/focus/discuss the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Innovation Classroom Resource

Building Relationships Resource

Fire Drill

Monday’s fire drill will be postponed until Thursday or Friday of this week when the weather is expected to warm up a bit. We will keep you posted.

Tardy Referral Forms

As the winter weather sets in and students are adjusting to scraping windows and frozen car doors, please continue to turn in your tardy referral forms when students are late to class.


Please feel free to drop by at any time and check on your students in detention. Detentions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-5:15. Not only is it helpful to the students by giving them some motivation and guidance, but it also helps the detention staff with their goal of making detention a productive use of time. Thanks to all of the detention supervisors for making detention a quiet, academic setting!

Weekly Duty

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Energy Audit Report

January 14, 2016

4:30 pm - 42 degrees outside temp

Building unoccupied – practices in both gyms and auditorium

Lights at evening levels in hallways and off in most areas.

Room temps ranging from 68 to 75 degrees

Custodial staff asked not to turn electronics off prior to audit

  • Computers on in 202, 315 and 024
  • Monitors on in 775 and 004
  • Projectors on in 318B, 513 and 621
  • Unoccupied power strips on in 103, 317, 422 and 511
  • Speakers on in 318B and o24
  • DVD on in 513
  • Music keyboards (2) in 859
  • Space heater running in 014

Every little bit we do saves us in the long run. Help us conserve our resources.

Round Table Cafe Menu: January 22, 2016

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Honey Cornbread

Salad Bar

Coconut Cream Dreamboat Tart

For reservations: roundtablecafe@eastnoble.net

Upcoming Events


  • Staff Collaboration / Pathways - 7:30, Room 612


  • Noble County EDC - 9:30, Albion (Steve)
  • South Central School Visit
  • IMPACT Institute 10th Grade Presentation - Academic Lab, Auditorium


  • ISTEP Stress Test - 10:00
  • Department Chair Meeting - 3:15, War Room


  • ENSC PD: SBG - 3:30, Room 612


Staff Meeting with Ann Linson - 1/26 TUESDAY - 7:10, Room 612