The Different Types of water

The three types of water

There are three main types of water. The three types are fresh, salt, and brackish water.

Brackish Water

Brackish water is the least common type of water. It is the water that is made when fresh and salt water meet. This is common in estuaries, where a river meets the sea. Brackish water has a salinity of .03-.05%. It is also found in mangroves and certain seas. Though from a salinity standpoint it should be safe to drink many incests lays there eggs in or on the surface of brackish water making it undesirable.

Salt Water

Salt water is the most abundunt type of water making up about 97% of the water on Earth. Unlike fresh water drinking too much saltwater can actually dehydrate you due to the amount of salt in the water. The salinity is around 3-5%. Salt water is found in the oceans and some seas.

Fresh Water

Fresh water makes up the minority of water on Earth as it makes up only about 3% of the water. This is saddening because of the three types of water fresh water is the only one we can consume safely. This is the type that has the lowest salt consentration. The salinity of fresh water is >.05%. Fresh water is found in streams, rivers, rain, lakes, and most commonly icecaps.