Cliffdale All Star Artist News

Compliments of Ms. Erin W. Manuel Ed.s

Welcome Cliffdale Parents and Students to the All Star Artist Art Program with Ms. Manuel

Cliffdale Parents and Students,

I am excited to start off the school year with your child for January 2016 and to help them become the best all-star artist that they can be! Your son or daughter will attend art class with direct instruction for once a week for 40 minutes.

There will be many projects and art experiences your child will be engaged in for this semester. There will be a planning guide for both 3rd and 4th nine weeks on the school website under my name. This will help you in providing an overview of what your child will be learning in art.

In some cases projects may change or new ones may be added, due to class cancellations or "where our creativity and inspiration may lead us"! In the end, no project is set in stone! Please watch the monthly newsletters from our Cliffdale All Stars for Important dates, and upcoming class activities that will be kept on the school web-site!

Core Concepts and Skills

What will my child learn?

Students will work with a variety of materials in this class including markers, colored pencils, crayons, paint, mixed media, printmaking, clay, and technology. The curriculum focus will integrate the role of artists in society, recognizing art as a form of communication and expression, and identifying elements of art such as line, shape, color, form, texture, space.

Art history is also an integral part of the curriculum. My goal is to encourage your child to explore age-appropriate methods to become an all-star artist for the 21st century! My lessons will be aligned carefully to meet the criteria for North Carolina Essential Standards for K-12 visual arts. Please feel free to check out the link to these standards here at the NCDPI web-site!

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How will my child be graded in art?

It is very important to know and understand that everyone is an artist in their own way! In my class students will be assessed in 4-AREAS:

*Skills & Craftsmanship


* Behavior & Effort

*Creativity & Originality

A "4 (Above expectations), 3(Meets all expectations), 2 (Meets some expectations), 1 (Below expectations)" RUBRIC will be used in final projects. I will grade on the process of your child's work, not the product of the work!

Final assessment marks you will see on your child's report card. Below is a description of how I define these marks:

S-Satisfactory: Your child is fulfilling the requirements of the lesson to the best of their ability.

N-Needs Improvement: Your child is not working to their fullest potential. The skill may be new and much harder and requires greater effort.

U-Unsatisfactory: Your child is not meeting requirements of the lesson concepts and placing little effort in completing assignments.

Class assessments will not be based on your child's ability to draw or paint. My goal is to nurture your child's ability through examining their growth within learning standards! Each child will develop their own student portfolio this year. In doing so, students will be encouraged to reflect on their work and write their personal art statement.

How YOU can help!

As a new member to Cliffdale Elementary family, I want to ENCOURAGE parents to support their son or daughter at home with building their ALL -STAR artistic skills please consider these suggestions below!:

*Give them time to create: Drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, creating art on the computer,taking photographs, or building with Legos or other toys these are all great experiences that help support elements of the art curriculum and encourage creativity!

*Coloring with your child: This activity supports not only craftsmanship (staying in the lines) but also helps with hand eye coordination! Practicing cutting also helps with building these skills.

* Exposure to the arts: Any opportunity you have to take your child to local museums, community art exhibitions, or cultural arts performances, please do so! This encourages aesthetic choice and decision making while forming a life-long love of the arts!

Cumberland County Schools has awesome programming through the year that encourages our budding artist in both the visual and performing arts. Please check out the district CCS calendar for Arts Education here.


Cliffdale Parents:

Please expect an All-Star Newsletter every month!

If you would like to support our program through supply /class donations please do not hesitate to send by your child.

Most of these items can be easily collected from home.

*Toilet paper rolls

*Small empty water bottles

*Empty egg cartons

*Old magazines

*Old newspapers

About Me

Thank you for supporting our Cliffdale ALL-Star Artist Art Program. I look forward to teaching and learning your child this school year! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your child's progress as an All Star Artist at Cliffdale!