Florence Nightingale

By Augusta Haywood

The Life of Florence Nightingale

Boom!!! In 1854 the Crimea War broke out. Thousands of soldiers from each side either died, got sick ,or have been wounded. The soldiers that were wounded and sick went to a hospital that wasn't a good quality. The hospital barely had food. Everything was very old and filthy. Also the medical conditions and supplies were lacking and insufficient. So one of the British government leaders picked some one he suggested (or thought) would be best for their work, and it was Florence Nightingale.

Born on May 12, 1820, her name was Florence Nightingale. Nightingale was born to a wealthy family. When she slept when she was a little girl, she would dream about adventures that she was in, and how she helped people. Also one day when she went to her family's garden, God spoke to her saying that she would do a good work one day, but she didn't know what. As she grew, if any of her relatives got sick or ill, she would go to where they live and take care of them

One day she asked her parents if she could be a nurse. Her parents got very angry and told her that instead of being a nurse, she should just get married and be happy with her life. So after that night, she would always secretly be reading about nurses under her bed cover at night. Later in 1851 she asked again, but this time they said she said she's going to be a nurse any way. In 1853 when she was 33 she got a job as a nurse in London.

Later inside the insufficient hospital,Florence brought 38 nurses with her and all the supplies she needs. Her nurses including her fixed up the hospital making it look better and more comfortable. Before she ever came to the hospital about 42 out of 100 soldiers died in the hospital, but after she came 2 out of 100 soldiers died. She made a big in difference in the hospital. As she got older she helped with the Red Cross and the Red crescent.

On August 13 , 1910 Florence Nightingale died. A lot of people who knew her came to her funeral. She was laid near her hometown. Germany has remembered her by putting her on their money. I know that she has done enough for us,and now has ended it up in history.