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Placerita Jr. High School - November 17, 2019

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Remember Faculty Meeting with Teachers Monday Morning 7:30 in the Library

This Week at Placerita 11.17.19

A lot has happened since last week’s Sunday evening message. We have spent a lot of time thinking of our friends at Saugus and everything that happened there. We have also spent a lot of time working with our Deputies on all the social media responses to the shooting. I know a lot of our students were worried about some things they saw posted and they did a great job sending everything they found that worried them to us on Text-a-Tip. We then passed it on to our Deputy. None of postings of concern that have been sent in from students around the District have been found to be credible and the source of some were outside our country. Therefore, the plan is for everyone except the students at Saugus to return to school tomorrow. All schools will have extra District staff and extra Sheriff’s Deputies in the immediate area around our schools. We will also have extra counseling staff on campus for students who would like to talk to someone. We have created a flyer where students can use their phones to access a sign-up form to be called into a counselor if they would like to talk to someone. If you have questions about anything feel free to call school and we will get them answered for you.

So for this week…

This week is Spirit Week. Here are the themes for each day…

- Monday Meme Day: Dress up as your favorite iconic vine or meme

- Tik Tok Tuesday: come dressed as your favorite Tik Tok stereotype such as a VSCO girl/boy or an e-boy/girl

- 'Round the World Wednesday: put on any piece of clothing that includes a different country, or dress up in some tourist gear

- Old Town Thursday: Throwing it back to the old western days so grab your favorite flannel

- Jersey Friday - Wear your favorite sports jersey to school and represent your team

We have the Staff vs. Students Dodgeball game at brunch on Friday and then the Turkey Bowl during both lunches on Friday.

Next week (11/25-29) is Thanksgiving Break so there is no school next week.

Reminder of our Schedule for Monday

This is a copy from the email from last Friday.

It has been difficult thinking through all the events of last Thursday and the fact that we are working through this in our own Hart District. All of us will be working through this in our hearts and minds for the next few weeks, months and years.

In our District principals meeting on Thursday, we discussed several things that we are going to be implementing over the next few days and the first of those is that all schools in our District are going to be holding a staff meeting before school on Monday morning. We are going to have different meeting times for different groups of staff during the day. We are going to have an early faculty meeting with certificated faculty in the library at 7:30 AM. Janice and I will provide Coffee/Tea/Juice and Donuts. We will be finished at or before 8:00 AM. Just after that we will meet with our office staff in the library at 8:20 AM (after MMTV). (John, Adam and Kyra will be on MMTV together for a specific message.) We have teachers that will cover office staff workstations so that you can meet with us and hear the same thing that the faculty heard earlier. At 10:20 AM, just after Brunch, we will meet with all Campus Supervisors, Instructional Assistants and Helio and Bob. We will also have another meeting at 3:00 PM with our evening Custodial crew. We want to make sure that everyone is aware of our plans for the week and no one is left out. The main message that we want to establish is that none of us are alone and that we are in this together as ONE Placerita and ONE team. We are here for each other and that Miner PRIDE needs to be stronger than ever before.

There will be extra counselors on our campus for students or staff that need someone to talk to and assist us through this time. Kyra and Adam have worked today on creating a flyer for student help that will be up on campus and you will have one in each of your mailboxes to put up in your rooms that will have a QR code that students can scan into their phones and it will take them to a Google Form where they can check-in to be seen by a counselor. We will also have a Chromebook set up in the counseling office where students can check-in to be seen if they do not have a cell phone. Students can also just walk into the counseling office if they have an urgent need. We will also place a smaller version of the flyer in your boxes to share with students that request them. We will also have all our campus supervisors on campus early on Monday morning to be out with students before school.

Every single person that calls Placerita their work home is important to each of us so let’s support and strengthen each other through this difficult time. Washington Irving said this about difficult times...

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.

Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/sad-quotes

Let’s think about that as we support each other and especially if we have students that need to express emotion.

Thank you for all you do all the time!

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Things not to say

Let's take note of this throughout the next few weeks if we are talking with students ...

Let's not say these phrases...

- “At least you’re ok”
- “Be grateful you weren’t on campus”
- “You’re safe now”
- “Thankfully it wasn’t your friend”
- “There’s no need to be scared”
- “School security is going to be better now”
- “But you didn’t see it happen”
- “[name] experienced it worse”
- “There’s a reason for everything”
- “something good will come from this”
. . . . . .
These kids, teachers, staff, parents have all experienced TRAUMA. And their version of the trauma is THEIRS.
. . . . . .
Their fear was/is felt at 100%.
The sounds, the sights, the chaos - it belongs to their memory and their hearts.
. . . . . .
These kids are scared and confused.
. . . . . .
Don’t say anything about the shooter’s demise - for some of these kids, they knew him and cared about him.
They don’t know how to feel.
. . . . . .
JUST LISTEN to them.
Don’t try to make it sound better.
Don’t attempt to keep them distracted.
Don’t minimize their fear or what they’re feeling!
. . . . . .
Everything they knew to be safe was taken in a moment. It didn’t matter if they were on campus or not. It didn’t matter if they saw it with their own eyes, heard it with their own ears, or were told about it.
. . . . . .
The story may sound the same on every news outlet - but the experiences are completely different.

from Jennifer Osler-Bolton's post on Facebook

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Celebrating Placerita

Cross Country Wins First Place

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Hannah Wobrock finishes THIRD in District Speech Contest!

Congrats to Sarah for finishing Third in the 8th Grade Speech Contest. Megan Johnson also participated from Placertia and did a great job!
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Important Dates for Parents this Fall

Miner Munchies

We will need your help with snacks for staff. We will send out Sign-up Genius forms for each event. Two events this Fall - October 18 and December 13

Placerita Parent Organization

Breakfast Meetings - Right after Drop-off in the morning in Tanner Hall.

Two more in the Winter and Spring - January 15 and March 18

Student of the Month Meetings for Selected Students (Parents Invited)

December 6, February 7, March 6, and May 1

Placerita's Calendar for 2019-2020

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Click on the link below for a PDF of the calendar above

Important Upcoming Dates in November/December at Placerita

  • Spirit Week 11/18-11/22

  • Faculty Meeting 11/20 2:45 Library

  • Staff vs Students Dodgeball Game 11/22 Extended Brunch

  • Turkey Bowl 11/22 12 -1 pm

  • Thanksgiving Holiday 11/25-29 Holiday

  • Band Concert Rehearsal and Concert 12/3 8 - 2:45 Tanner Hall

  • Hearing Screening 8th Grade 12/4 7:30 - 12:30 Tanner Hall

  • Leadership Meeting 12/4 2:45 Room 44

  • Foundation Meeting 12/6 8:15 PCR

  • SOM Brunch 12/6 Brunch in Tanner Hall

  • Department Meeting week 12/9 All Week

  • SSA Meeting (Both Lunches) 12/9 Tanner Hall

  • Choir and Orchestra Concert Rehearsal 12/10 8 - 2:30 Hart Auditorium
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Placerita Jr. High School

Placerita has been serving Jr. High students in Newhall for almost 60 years. Placerita is just north of Los Angeles in the Santa Clarita Valley.