Depending upon your Perspective...

Lizzy Stevenson

Was Martin Luther a saint or a sinner?

There were many different views on which Martin Luther was a saint or a sinner, and these views were looked upon based off of the role of the person during Martin Luther's time of action.


  • Martin Luther wrote the 95 theses, going against the ways of the church, and telling them all they were doing wrong. He was trying to make to benefit his own beliefs, and the beliefs of the people by showing the church that they were not fulfilling their role in power and were doing no good for the people. For example, one of Luther's theses stated, "Christians should be taught that one who gives to the poor, or lends to the needy, does a better action than if he purchases indulgences". (See Image 1)
  • Martin Luther progressed to building the new church. This was an opportunity for people to choose another religion to follow. It was important that the people had a choice of their religion based on their beliefs, rather than everyone being forced to follow the same religion just for unity. The new church portrayed new ideas which was benefiting many people by helping them progress through these new ideas. (See Image 2)
  • Martin Luther sent a message and made a point when he spoke out against the church. He showed that it was okay to stand up for your beliefs and try to make a change if you feel you are going to make a beneficial difference. Even when the church was confronting him face to face, he did not back down from his point and believed in himself. (See Image 3)


  • Luther's 95 theses went against the church, a main power, and was trying to show them all the wrong they are doing. The church was helping many people and they were not going to listen and take complaints from someone who does not agree with them. This is why the church confronted Luther and questioned him. (See Image 1)
  • The catholic church lost many followers when Luther opened the doors to the new church and religions. The catholic church had always been a main power and they were losing a lot of their power because of this. (See Image 2)
  • When Luther did speak out and go against the church, he was trying to make the church look bad and the people following the church look bad only because of their religion. This might have been offensive to them and they might have thought Luther should have kept his opinions to himself. (See Image 3)

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