Your Footprint Will Leave A Scar !

will your carbon footprint change the futures ways of life ?

what is a carbon footprint ?

A carbon footprint is The amount of greenhouse gases produced,that directly or indirectly effect human activities in the world. For Example, When you drive in your car, the engine burns fuel which is a type of carbon dioxide and the amount you produce is depending on how far you go.

Ways we can prevent negative actions towards the environment.

If everyone lived as an average family with 5 people in the house and they all lived the same way, we would need 3.3 Earths to survive. If we all tried to become more environmentally friendly we wouldn't need so many earths to survive. Here are some ways we can help change:

1~ we can change to solar power so that we don't use up so much fossil fuel and create pollution.

2~ We can use more local fresh produce instead of packaged foods

3~ we can carpool or take more public transport

4~Turn off lights, air conditioner and other appliances when not in use