Animals for Food?

Jackson Zehr

Meat vs Plants

~There has been much debate on whether using animals for food or eating a plant based diet. Many vegetarians refuse to eat meat because they believe it violates animal rights. Other meat eaters counter this argument saying that meat carries vital nutrients that the human body needs to live.
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Why you should eat meat

  • Our body has evolved to eat meat

We have teeth that are made to chew meat. We have thumbs made to grip animals.

  • We have a small digestive track

Our digestive track wasn't made to digest just plants it doesn't take long enough for the fibers in the plants to be completely digested.

  • Humans are omnivores

This means that we were made to function our best by eating both animals and plants


Meat provides many nutrients that humans need for survival. It contains high quality proteins that plants can't provide, zinc, vitamins b12, b3, b6, and many other nutrients needed in our body. Contrary to many myths and beliefs, eating meat does not raise your chance of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.
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Who doesn't like the taste of bacon, beef, chicken etc. I mean c'mon. Meat is one of the best tasting things in this whole world. Why wouldn't you eat it?