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April 18 - Week 35

Upcoming Events


  • 4/18 - Garnet Team History Day - 6 to 7pm
  • 4/19 - Department Supervisors - Building
  • 4/19 - Faculty meeting (replaces the 12th)
  • 4/19 - Opal Team to Chinatown - 7am to 6pm
  • 4/20 - CSI - Department
  • 4/21 - Sapphire Team to Chinatown - 7am to 6pm
  • 4/22 - 6th Grade Lost Boys Presentation - 12:35 to 2:04pm
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Important - Transition Room Moving

The Transition Room will move from room 25 to room 305 (formerly STRIVE) effective April 18th, 2016. Activities that were assigned to room 305 -- mentoring, groups, etc -- have been reassigned to room 25.

Video Crew in the Building - Monday 4-18

You may spot an audio/visual team in the building. They will be taping a lesson in the health wing and an interview in the department supervisor's office.

Faculty Handbook Refresher

Recap: Emergencies

Dial 1400 if there is an emergency/injury to staff or students.

State the full name of the injured, location and injury.

Do not move the injured person.

The office will contact the nurse, alert administration and security - print out the demographic page (if injured is a student) - and notify the superintendent's office.

The nurse will assess and call 911 or have the office call 911.

Security/Administration will assist the nurse as needed.

Recap: AESOP - Professional Day absences - The Sooner, The Better!

While we realize that town-wide meetings "curriculum days or team days" may be scheduled without a lot of advance notice, please do not wait until the last minute to fill out your professional day forms or go on AESOP. Please do so as soon as you know you will have to take a professional day. The more time, the better chance of getting a substitute.

Thank you

State Testing

-- Slight revision because Roz Dobrowolski is not here on the 2nd and 3rd, we do not have any PPTs those days, so we're going to run the block schedule during the first two days of the ELA week instead of the last two days. I've updated the schedule.

-- -- This year's state testing in ELA will take place May 2nd through May 6th in ELA classes. ELA teachers believe that students will derive much benefit from a longer testing period, so we will run a block schedule on Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd to accommodate that request. Please see a link to the schedule below.

Please see a link to the schedule below.

Math testing will take place May 9th through May 13th in Math classes. We will run our block schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week to allow students uninterrupted time on the longer math tests. --

Schedule - please click on the link:

Why we are focusing on increasing our emotional intelligence

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Let's Send cheers to Jessica Rucci as she runs the Boston Marathon today!

Our own colleague Steve Boyle and parent Brad Drazen will be on the panel.

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You're a GEM

  • Paula Dombek from colleagues Deanna and Susanne for filling in at a PPT in a pinch!
  • Jess Kerelejza from colleague Erin Rauseo for her time and effort helping me to coordinate and plan an interdisciplinary lesson. I couldn't have pulled it all together without her help!
  • Shoshana LaPointe from colleague Justin Gusy for volunteering translation services that helped us better partner with a family.
  • Derek Duval from colleague Justin Gusy for filling in for a colleague during his planning time at a moment's notice.
  • Erin Rauseo from colleague Joy Wright for agreeing to tape a lesson for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence the day after vacation. Like Whoa!
  • Becca Lewis, Matt Bannon, and Stacy Genova from colleague Joy Wright for accepting a challenge to provide an opportunity for a group of 8th grade students to not only shine, but also demonstrate and apply their knowledge and skills in an authentic way at the NERC Conference.

Passing of the Rocks

Stacey Grindle is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Liz D'Attilio for her constant work in connecting to the public. Whether it's organizing shelter dinners, student-made blankets for people in need or care packages for the elderly, Liz is always thinking of our community. The biggest gift is her ability to show KP students how they can connect to others and be involved, caring citizens. Thank you, Liz!

Erin Rauseo is passing the Staff Wellness Rock to Susanne Torcasio, Karen Walsh, Elaine Mathieu, Fran Hechenbleikner, and Deanna Johnson for the crazy amount of work that you all do behind the scenes to make sure that day to day life at KP runs smoothly. There are countless times that you are interrupted and asked to drop what you're doing to make someone else's life easier. Thank you, KP office staff, for going above and beyond. Your hard work is noticed and greatly appreciated.

Justin Gusy is passing the Student Success Rock on to Liz Anderson for her extraordinary patience, commitment, and curiosity. Liz always assumes positive intentions and gives time to students, caregivers, and colleagues, even if they're communications are less than respectful. She often stays late into the evening to clean up from the day's events, to talk with parents and outside agencies, and to plan for student safety and wellness. She is also constantly striving to learn what new strategies she can use to support students who struggle. Liz, this rock is for you!

Because it is the Monday after break and we all need to laugh

Teacher Bumper Numbers

It is a SMH kind of laugh

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