Weekly Update - May 20, 2022

Strive Center for Autism

Caregiver Appreciation

Thank you to all the families who joined in our Caregiver Appreciation at both locations today! We hope you enjoyed the treat and hope that you'll join us again next month!

We heard from some attendees that they loved the opportunity to connect with other families, and we are so happy to hear that!

Summer Fun Fridays!

We will be bringing back Fun Fridays this summer! We do a variety of different activities on Fridays, including:

  • Science based messy activities
  • Wheels Days, where kids can bring in their own trike, bike, or other wheels and helmets!
  • Reading Buddies - where we read books with our friends outside
  • Cooking activities - we'll send home the ingredients ahead of time, so let us know if you have any allergy concerns and we'll adjust
  • Spirit Days - we dress up in different ways, we'll put the list in below so you can plan ahead, but the days were chosen to be easy ones for families without needing to go out and buy anything

Fun Fridays start the first week in June!

June Fun Fridays

June Spirit Days

  • June 3rd - Strive school spirit day - wear your Strive shirt (these will be provided for all families, we'll send them home before June 3rd)
  • June 10th - Wheels Day - no special dress up today
  • June 17th - Pajama Day - you can bring slippers if you like, but you must wear socks and regular shoes into and out of the building
  • June 24th - Beach Day - sunglasses, beach hats, whatever makes you think of the beach
  • July 1st - Red, White, and Blue day - just wear any combo of those colors!

June Fun Friday Activities

  • June 3rd - Frozen Jewels - a messy outdoor activity with surprises frozen in ice cubes!
  • June 10th - Wheels Day - bring your trike, bike, scooter, and helmet! We'll have all our riding toys outdoors to play with, too.
  • June 17th - Reading Buddies - each child will grab a friend, a blanket, and some books, and head outside to read.
  • June 24th - Sink or Float - a fun science activity where kids will get to throw items from around the center into buckets of water to see what sinks and what floats.
  • July 1st - Reading Buddies again (we do this one multiple times throughout the summer, you can NEVER read too much!)

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Meet Emily, RBT in Brighton

Emily has worked at the Strive Center for Autism since June 2018. She has a bachelor’s degree in Family Life Education with a minor in Social Services from Concordia University in Ann Arbor.

Previously, Emily was a youth worker at Youth Villages in Memphis, TN working with at-risk youth in a mental health facility. She was also a youth mentor with Life Center Inc., in home support services to children with disabilities and a caseworker for an adoption/foster care agency.

Emily enjoys spending time with her loved ones and has a passion for traveling internationally and doing any outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.

Summer is coming

We just want to remind families to look ahead at the summer calendar and begin informing us of planned vacations, especially around the various holidays. Our staff like to take a long weekend here and there too, and it's easier to plan those days when we know if a child will be absent.

Please use the link to complete the form for planned absences:

Therapy Schedule Update Form

Here are some dates that the centers will be closed this summer:

Monday, May 30th Memorial Day

Monday, July 4th

Friday, August 26th Professional Development Day

Monday, September 5th Labor Day

If your family is planning a longer absence around one of those dates, or at another time, please let us know as soon as you are able!

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Current COVID Precautions

We have had several families report that their child has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 recently. Most often, this is a family member in the home who is ill, but recently it has included contact with our staff. We have reached out to the local health departments to confirm the current guidelines, which are as follows:

  • A child who has been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 may still attend therapy but he must wear a mask for 10 days from his last date of close contact.
  • If the ill person is unable to isolate in the home, the last date of close contact may be 10 days from the start of symptoms in the ill person. This may mean your child wears a mask at therapy for more than 10 days total.
  • Our centers continue to provide disposable child sized masks, or you may send your child with his own.
  • We will also have any child who has been a close contact sit further away from his peers during snack and lunch when he is unmasked (don't worry - we can set it up like a picnic and play it off like it's fun!)
  • Our staff may wear a mask while working with a child who is wearing one, so that he will feel more comfortable but you may see our staff remove their mask - it is their choice but we do recommend that they wear one.
  • If your child begins to show any symptoms of COVID-19, we will ask that you keep him home.
  • If your child will not wear a mask or you'd prefer that he not wear one, he can stay home instead, but he will have to stay home for 10 days after his last contact with the infected person. If the infected person is able to isolate in the home, or wears a mask when around the child, then you count those ten days from the start of symptoms for the infected person.
  • The Health Department typically recommends testing for close contacts 3-7 days after exposure and if symptoms develop, but this is not required to attend therapy.

We thank our families for continuing to inform us when they experience any illness, and we will continue to work to keep all our families healthy! Please reach out to your BCBA for any questions.


Monday, May 30th, 8am

Brighton and Burton

Both centers will be closed Monday, 5/30/22, in observance of Memorial Day.