SAT-Prep is for you!

Put some prep in your step!

Recruitment Plan

Team goals: Our team goals are to get people excited about taking the SAT-Prep Course, and help them understand more about the course that they are applying to. We also want the people who will be taking the class to understand how it will help them improve their SAT score.

Target Audiences: The freshman, sophomores, and juniors who may want to take this course

Materials to be used: To recruit students an online poster will be made to catch the reader’s attention and appeal to their generation.


Recruiting begins: 10/20/15

Recruiting ends: 11/17/15

Application deadline: 8/18/15

Acceptance deadline: 5/15/16

Distribution of job responsibilities:

1. Jamie: Leader/Recruitment plan

2. Julian: Acceptance and Rejection letters

3. Cynthia: Application Requirements/ Interactive Portion

4. Christine: Application

What will the SAT-Prep Course do for you?

  • Provide test taking skills
  • Take practice questions
  • Take a practice SAT
  • Help improve SAT scores
  • Research colleges
  • College application skills

What is the SAT?

The College Board defines the SAT test as a "benchmark standardized assessment of the critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills students have developed over time and that they need to be successful in college." This test defines a student's college readiness and may determine which college they attend.

Fun Fact: The acronym S.A.T used to stand for "Scholastic Aptitude Test." In 1997, the College Board made SAT the trademark so it no longer has any actual meaning.

Old Test vs. New Test

Old Test
  • 4 parts (Critical reading, writing, math, and required essay)
  • 2400 point scale
  • 1/4 guessing penalty
  • 3 hours 45 minutes
  • Only available in print

New Test

  • 3 parts (Evidence-based reading and writing, math, and optional essay)
  • 1600 point scale
  • No guessing penalty
  • 3 hours (50+ minutes on optional essay)
  • Available in print or on computer
  • Comes out on March 5th

Application Requirements

These are a few pieces of information that may be needed for an application:

  • Ideas for possible degrees (specific major)
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • A list of all the classes you are taking in high school, including AP or honors
  • A list of extracurricular activities
  • A list of awards you have received
  • A list of people you have asked or plan to ask for letters of recommendations
  • Your siblings school history (if applicable)
  • Permanent resident alien number (if applicable)
  • Advance placement exam scores and dates


Course Description: Our SAT course is a comprehensive course that provides preparation for all areas of the SAT exam. It covers practice problems that are tailored to the student’s individual needs and target score to promote content mastery. The class also teaches students the most dynamic and updated strategy methods available to help dramatically improve scores. We have completely deconstructed the SAT and our students learn to think like the test makers. Students build their skills each week and increase their confidence level over the span of the course. They complete a practice test during the first week of the course and turn it in. By the end of the course, students will be familiar with the testing format and will have reviewed the fundamental concepts in each math, reading, grammar, and writing section.

General Information:



First Middle Last

School I.D Number: ____________________

Date of Birth: __________/_____/__________

Graduation Year: ______2016______2017______2018

Contact Information:

Home Mailing Address:


City: _________________ State: ________________ Zip Code: _______________

Phone number: ______________________ Email Address: ________________________

Academic Interests:


Extracurricular Activities:


Have you taken the SAT or ACT? ______ YES ______ NO

If so, when? _______________________________________________

What colleges are you thinking of applying to?


Recruited by: _______________________________________

Acceptance Letter

October 29, 2015

SAT Prep Class

P.O. Box 12345

Trophy Club, TX 76262

James Smith

6847 Costilla Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Dear James,

Congratulations! You have been accepted to participate in the Byron Nelson High School- SAT Prep Course next semester.

As you may know, the course provides training, practice, and diagnostics for the SAT. You, along with a select group of other students, have been chosen to participate in and receive professional training that will help you become a better SAT test-taker if you full complete all tasks and practice tests. The course will also assist you in college admissions process. Be prepared to work hard, have fun, and get great results.

Please be sure to register for the course online at This letter does not guarantee your registration. If you or your parents have any questions regarding the course, please contact the SureScore Trainer, Johnny Test, or me. We are excited that you will be added to the alumni list of SAT masters.


Jamie Myers

Associate Director of Admissions

Byron Nelson High School

Rejection Letter

October 29, 2015

SAT Prep Class

P.O. Box 12345

Trophy Club, TX 76262

Denise Morgan

3457 Bakke Ave

Newfolden, MN 56738

Dear Denise,

The Admission Committee has carefully reviewed your application for the Byron Nelson High School- SAT Prep Course next semester. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place in course.

Please understand this is in no way a judgment of you as a student or person. We hope you continue looking for school with the same enthusiasm that led us to consider you. We appreciate your interest in this course. Best wishes as you pursue your educational goals.


Jamie Myers

Associate Director of Admissions

Byron Nelson High School