Earthquake in Nepal

By: Soumya Joshi

Breaking News: Earthquake in Nepal

Breaking News: Earthquake damages homes, history, and caused loss of 3,000 people in Nepal. The magnitude was considered very high: 7.8 on a scale of 1 to 10 and the earthquake was felt all the way from Nepal to Kathmandu. Already Nepal is poor, and now they are afraid to go into their homes after the earthquakes so they are spending their time outside. People from other countries came to help Nepal: 10 airplanes (one with a mini hospital). Alex Gavan is a mountaineer who was trying to climb Everest. He posted on Twitter that the quake started an avalanche about 5 miles west of Everest. “Huge disaster,” he wrote. Gavan said he helped rescue victims of the avalanche. Even after the earthquake, people felt at least 20 aftershocks. You may not know but the earthquake was not a pleasant experience.