Ms. Tiffani's Class News

Week of May 2nd

Important Dates

May 3rd - Library here
May 6th - Last Book Order Due!
May 25th - Last day of PK

May Birthdays:

Aariyah (am) - May 18th
Ms. Hope - May 25th
Ms. Shelly - May 31st

What Are We Learning???

We have practiced writing all of the letters, naming the letter sounds and letter names of all of the letters. We will continue to review these through the end of the year. This week we will explore ways to make 6 in our math journal.

This week we will continue our study on pets. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY ALLERGIES OR FEARS I SHOULD KNOW OF! We have several visitors this week. The librarian, Ms. Jen will be here on Tuesday. We have language group with Ms. Shelly on Wednesday and We are fortunate enough this week to have 2 animal visitors. Jacob who works with our morning class is going to bring his Assistance Dog to meet our class and so we can learn about what an Assistance Dog does. His dog will be here on Friday and there is more information on that below. Mr. Jake also has a tortoise, Horton, that will come to visit on Tuesday. We will learn about how to care for a tortoise, what he eats and what this type of tortoise needs. Our focus question this week is: What do pets eat? In addition to our visitors, we will play a counting game with food dishes and pet food and a feed the dog game with letters and dog bones.

Thanks to Camden's mom and cat (Calvin) and Sage's parents and hamsters (Harold and Kumar) for visiting our morning class last week! Also, thanks to those who have donated items for our Pet Store. If you have any stuffed animal pets that you would like to part with I would be happy to add them to our store.

If you have a pet that you would like to bring in for a few minutes to share about please let me know!

Please let me know if you need more sticky notes to tell us how your child has been safe, responsible or respectful at home! Our afternoon class is very close to earning their next party and the morning class is half-way there!

Speech-Language Group- May 2-6, 2016

We will follow directions identifying the numerals and quantities of 1-5. We will read the book Mommy Mine by Tim Warnes and label animals, define descriptive words, and identify rhyming words. We will review the nursery rhyme “Wee Willie Winkie”.

Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,

Upstairs and downstairs, in his nightgown;

Rapping at the window, crying through the lock,

Are the children in their beds? For now it's eight o'clock!

About Jacob's Assistance Dog......

Jacob completed an application to receive a service dog from CARES, Inc. In that application, he had to meet requirements that qualified him for a service dog. Secondary, after it was confirmed that they met those requirements CARES Inc. began selecting and training a dog specifically for Jacob.

ASSISTANCE DOGS -CARES specifically selects and trains puppies to become Assistance Dogs and Hearing Assistance Dogs. Over the years, they have placed Assistance Dogs with people with a variety of diagnoses. Their Assistance Dogs are specifically trained to provide many services including pulling wheel chairs, lending balance support, picking up dropped objects, and/or avoiding a medical crisis due to diabetes or seizures, and hearing assistance. They have provided dogs for many young clients with Juvenile Diabetes and Autism. After a dog has been raised in the foster home it is re-evaluated both for temperament and physical soundness. It then begins the final phase of training which is designed specifically to meet the needs of their new partner. Once a person has completed the application process, the CARES staff begins the process of finding just the right dog to match their personality, life style and need for the dog. Because they customize each dog to fit with their new owner, they have been able to place service dogs with military veterans who have PTSD, TBI and/or physical disabilities due to combat injuries.

After waiting for several months for his dog (this is Jacob’s 2nd Assistance Dog), Jacob attended a canine assistance class where he had to show that he was proficient at working with his dog in the three areas of training: basic obedience, public manners and skills related to his disability. Jacob and his dog were required to pass a Public Access test in order to be certified. Jacob and his service dog are a Certified Public Access Assistance Dog Team and qualify for full public access under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Jacob’s service dog and is not a pet. His service dog is special trained with skills to mitigate Jacob’s disability.