Antibacterial Microfiber Towels 🌴

Come to the beach without any harm

Describing Our Beach Towels

Ultra lightweight full size and super compact towel treated with silver ions to reduce odor and prevent bacteria from growing.

  • Beach towel size
  • Dries 3x quicker than cotton
  • Absorbs 3x its weight
  • Soft & Durable
  • Anti-bacterial to eliminate odors
  • Super compact with integrated elastic band
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Uses less water to wash
  • Recyclable

Who we are, Acteons☀️

We are a sister duo born and raised from the sunny coast of Southern California. We are educators for 180 days out of the year and travelers during our vacations. After traveling to many different countries and numerous beach locations, we developed an appreciation for products that remedy complications while on vacation

Donations help

$10: Early bird single beach towel

$12: One Acteon towel

$20: Super Early bird, double acteon towels

$22: Double acteon towels


Super Early Bird Trifecta

towels (3)

$32: Trifecta towels (3)

$36: Early bird: four beach towels

$40: Four acteon beach towels

Their goal

Their goal is to raise atleast $15,000. Right now they have an estimated amount of $24,200, Beating their goal
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