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Moving Along with Mrs. Maddox

Dear Friends In Christ,

Happy New Year!!!! The teachers returned to work on January 4th, and we welcomed our students home on Wednesday January 5th, 2022. We hope your Christmas break was relaxing and rejuvenating, free from COVID stress of any kind.

Our teachers participated in several informative professional development opportunities before and after the holiday break. Each topic is sure to enliven our classrooms and help promote student success. This year teachers are working hard to fill their toolbox with current and engaging math strategies, as well as expanding their knowledge of the importance of helping students develop strong executive functioning skills. Executive Functioning Skills (EFS) are mental skills controlled by an area of the brain called the frontal lobe. The foundation to these skills begins in your home at infancy. These skills have been studied by neuropsychologist for years and have been determined essential to a person’s ability to manage life tasks. Executive Functioning Skills are actually more predictive of school success than a child’s IQ score. EFS help us manage our time, pay attention, switch focus, plan, organize, remember details, avoid saying or doing the wrong thing, and in some circumstances multitasking. Types of EFS include response inhabitation, flexible thinking, emotional control, task initiation, working memory, time management, planning, organization, and self-monitoring. Students who come to school with strong EFS are much more likely to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically. For more information about EFS (click here).

As we start another new year together, many of us will begin to make a few resolutions that might benefit our health, or perhaps even balance our work and family life a little better. This year consider adding a few things to your family routine that will help sharpen executive functioning skills such as: playing oral games in the car or at home (not on the computer) that help increase memory. Encourage kids to work independently to set the table, make their own lunch, fold clothes, put groceries away (without redoing their work). Play traditional games with new and different rules. Create opportunities that help kids rely on their memory, problem solve, be flexible, and think outside the box.

It's shocking to think enrollment for 2022-2023 will begin next month. We saw an increase in enrollment this year, and I anticipate the same enthusiasm for next school year. Our teachers and students had a fantastic first semester together!!! Spread the word ... St. Joseph is an awesome place to raise a family. Together we are Fully Present with our students every day, joyfully living out the virtues together!

With A Grateful Heart,

Jodie Maddox

Cold Weather Reminder

During cold weather season please send your student to school in long sleeves. Sweatshirts worn during the school day must be our navy blue crew neck or quarter zip with the school logo. Students are not allowed to wear coats, hoodies, or other sweaters inside the building, all sweatshirts and cardigans must follow our uniform guidelines.

Important Information About Report Cards!!!!

Please be patient with us. We have many staff members out with COVID and the Flu. Grade cards will be sent home next week, thanks for your flexibility.

Update on Optional Mask Policy - Scheduled for January 18th

We are watching both the St. Joseph and Johnson County positivity rates to determine if our January 18th optional mask policy will proceed according to schedule. As always, our COVID guidelines are put in place to keep kids in school healthy and safe. Changes and updates will be communicated as necessary. Thank you for your continued support.

Nurse's Corner

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has adopted the following new updated CDC COVID-19 guidelines for both isolation and quarantine practices:

Those testing positive for COVID-19 should isolate for 5 days. If they are asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving (along with no fever for 24 hours), they may leave isolation on day 6 as long as they mask well for another 5 days.

This would include wearing a mask at school, including recess.

Those with a close contact exposure to a positive case of COVID-19 (applies to unvaccinated individuals) should quarantine for 5 days followed by strict mask use for an additional 5 days when around others.

Those that are fully vaccinated (2 weeks after second COVID-19 vaccine) or who have contracted COVID-19 within 6 months of their most recent exposure, do not need to be quarantined if they are asymptomatic.

We are asking that you keep your children home if they show any signs of illness. Please notify the school nurse for clarification on any diagnosed case of COVID-19 as well as potential testing options that might be available for those exposed to COVID-19.

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2022-2023 Kindergarten Information Night

Our 2022-2023 Kindergarten Information Night will be on Wednesday evening, January 26, at 7PM. Please contact the school office at if you have an incoming Kindergarten student next year. Please tell your friends about our Kindergarten Information Night!
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Trivia Night 2022

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Women's Group

Our Women's Group is rescheduled to Jan. 22! If you are interested in joining, please email Annie Clement at or Beth Bracken at to reserve your book! This is a 6 week study focusing on friendship! Watch the 1st video here: We will discuss the video on Jan. 22 and watch the second video!
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January 7- First Friday Mass, 8:15AM

January 11- Student Leadership Team Meeting after school

January 12- All School Mass, 8:15AM

January 12- Peace Day Retreat, 2nd Grade, 6PM

January 13- Panera Night, 10606 SM Parkway, all day

January 17- NO School, MLK Jr. Day

January 18 - MAP testing begins

January 19 - 2nd grade First Reconciliation

January 26 - Kindergarten Information Night

January 30 - Catholic Schools Week Begins