iLearn Update

Volume 2, Term 2, 2015

What’s been happening? CHAMPIONS of the WEST

You will recall that last term we suggested that iLearn schools consider entering the Daily Telegraph Champions of the West Competition. Two of our iLearn Schools did just that

Flipped Learning @St Bernadette’s, Lalor Park

Tanya Janssen and the staff and students of St Bernadette’s nominated their Flipped Learning program for the Education category and were featured in a promotional article in the Daily Telegraph on 14 March.

iLearn Without Limits@ St Joseph’s Kingswood

The teachers and students at St Joseph’s Kingswood also submitted an exciting application. Their proposal sought funds to reimagine, extend & refurbish their classroom to provide a more flexible 21st Century learning space

Unfortunately neither of our schools were successful on this occasion but our Catholic Education Office IT Trainee program were the winners in the Apprentice Training Category. We extend our congratulations to our IT Trainees. We have greatly appreciate their support for the iLearn program and are thrilled their training program has been recognised.

The iPad as a tool for Learning @ St Joey's

On a recent visit to St Joseph's Kingswood I took great pleasure in seeing how the students were using their iPads as a tool to support their learning in several different curriculum contexts.

1. National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Students explored an online resource Take a Stand Against Bullying via their browser or a specially designed app in which they created a personal avatar and then explored a range of situations involving bullying before creating their own presentation or movie about how they could respond personally to bullying.

2. Harmony Day The students downloaded the Harmony Day Stories app and the posters . They then were able to explore Harmony Day Stories in 3D Augmented Reality. They also conducted a school wide survey of the origins of all students at St Josephs and created a map to show the results of their survey as part of a presentation at a School Assembly.

Flipped Learning for our upcoming Term 2 PL Network Session

We look forward to welcoming you all to our Term 2 PL session on Monday 1st June. In preparation for the session Lisa and I have designed a Flipped Learning Read and Respond activity for all participating Year 5 iLearn teachers .

Each teacher is asked to:

  1. read and reflect on the short article by Steve Lai and Sylvia Duckworth “10 Signs that You are an Excellent iPad Educator”

  2. share their reflection on a single slide in a collaborative Slides Document.

The iLearn teachers reflection SlideShow will be published on the Learning and Teaching with iPads Blog.

Resources for your iLearn Classroom

The Brothers Quibble read by author Aaron Blabey

iLearn PL Network Workshop - June 1st

Monday, June 1st, 3:30-5:30pm

Aengus Kavanagh Centre, Mt Druitt. NSW

Our Term 2 PL session will be an after school session to be held in the Learning Studio at AKC Mt Druitt on Monday June 1st.

Prior to this session all teachers are asked to complete the Read and Reflect Task

You will need to bring your iPad with the following apps installed : iMovie; Garage Band; ePlatform by Wheelers app, Google Docs and Google Drive apps; If possible you should also bring a laptop.

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