what went on in his life

Facts about his life and songs that he wrote and awords

facts about his younger age

When Elvis was a little kid he got a guitar for his birthday had played it for a while but then he decided to work on his voice. And the reason why he did that was because he had a vary good voice and wanted to work on it. Because he was told by lots of people in his family that his voice was better than his guitar skill. And when he first started to sing and dance people thought he was a total fool. But he proved that he could be a vary good singer and dancer. So he went onto stage one day and people started to like his own style and that his how he became popular.

Songs and awords

Some the songs the Elvis wrote were. jail house rock,love me tender,sespish mind,Always on my mind hound dog. Also some of the awards are Grammy hall of fame and he won that in the year of 1999 2002,2007 another is american music award of merit got in 1987,award of world man singer and got in 1970,1971,1972,

facts about his background

he started his career with rock and roll music and his first song that he had ever sang was rockabilly. His songs had a up tempo fusion of country and a rhythm and blues with a strong back beat. He was born 8 January 1935 and he also took odd jobs working as a movie theater usher and a truck driver for crown electric company.
Elvis Presley - Hound Dog (Audio)