Forced Labor

Raimer Layson aka jan Randall Thackrey

What is Forced Labor?

People are force to work due to the use of violence or intimidation, or accumulated debt.

Types of Forced Labor

The following are types of forced labor: slavery, prison labor, military labor, bond labor, farm and debt bondage, human trafficking, and compulsory work.

Why is this Bad ?

Forced labor is a terrible thing because it is someone being forced to do something in fear of some form of punishment. It takes away many peoples lives as young as 5 years old. You get paid terribly and whatever you do you seem to go into more debt which puts you into more years of forced labor.

What We Need To Do

There are many ways to help tackle modern slavery, from donating online to running a marathon. You can set up a campaigning group or go into the senate or house of representative to go into these problems that nobody seems to even care about. Don't wait, go help out now and save a life from forced labor