By, Brady Muller and Alyson Verga


Sparta and Athens were two Ancient Greek city states who often fought and were strict enemies. These two city states have been debated on many times when it came to who was the best. I am here to say that Sparta was the best city state of all time. The Spartans had a unique education system, which they trained boys to fight starting at the age of seven. They also had an Oligarchy government. This meant that they had a small group of people (the council of elders) who were in charge. They debated subjects and were very knowledgeable. Most importantly Sparta's army was much better then Athens, this meant Sparta was dominant in most fights.
As you can tell, the Spartans were fierce in war, strict in school, yet smart when it came to their government. Sparta is better then Athens because they started school at the age of seven and thought the kids to fight when they were young. Also their government was better because you had to be sixty years old to be a part of it, therefore you would be wise by that time. Plus, their debates were short and under control, the Athens debates took a long time and were very loud. The Spartans were also better then Athens in combat. In 404 BCE during the Peloponisian War, Athens was starved by an impenetrable blockade, and Athens surrendered to Sparta’s army.