Essential Question 4

Pakistan And India

Why there is a conflict.

There is conflict between India and Pakistan because Pakistan thought that the Hindus (India) would take a greater control than the Muslims (Pakistan). They are also in the middle of a conflict because they are both after a Kashmir which is a big part of the Indus river, and they think that whoever controls Kashmir controls the water that flows through the river. Finally, they are in a conflict because Pakistan and India created a ceasefire line, but Pakistan crossed that line which caused them to fight again.
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  • 1947/48: India and Pakistan go to war over Kashmir and it ends with a U.N. ordered ceasefire.
  • 1965: people of India and Pakistan once again start fighting for Kashmir.
  • 1971: They go to a third war over east Pakistan.
  • 1989: There are revolts in India and India blames Pakistan for supplying the revolts.
  • 2001: Militants attack Indian parliament and India blames Pakistan separatist groups.
  • 2003: India and Pakistan agree on ceasefire line.
  • 2006: India deploys 6,000 troops

Should we help India or Pakistan

I believe that we should help India or Pakistan. I believe that we should help them because The U.S. has Economic Interests in India and Security Priorities in Pakistan. Many people who are very powerful in the U.S. believe that we should try gaining a better trust from Pakistan, but we do not want to lose India's trust. I believe we should help India because we are already trusted by them and we have had battles with Pakistan before which we can just fix later.
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