By: Clara Dawson

How do watespouts form?

Waterspouts form when humid air rises and condenses into tiny water droplets that make a cloud. The more the water will condense the more heat is produced. The more it produces the faster the waterspout will rise. Once this happens a funnel shaped cloud can quickly form. If it extends to a body of water then the result is a waterspout.

How do you stay safed during a waterspout?

If you are on a boat and you see dark cumulus clouds or see dark spinning water in Florida Keys or Great Lakes {Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario} then get as far away because a dangerous, killing , monster that's none as a waterspout. Once you get a special marine warning you should stay away from windows, find shelter, and get as far away from the area you are in, but if a waterspout has formed don't navigate through it only if the waterspout is forming.
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When and where do waterspouts occur

Waterspouts occur when it's at a certain temperature. The temperature has to be eighty to ninety {80-90} degrees because eighty to ninety {80-90} is humid air. The waterspouts need humid air to start forming. Waterspouts occur in the Florida Keys {Floida Keys is right at the bottom of Floida} and in the Great Lakes {Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario} .

What are some ways that you can know if a waterspout is coming?

Some things to look out for to know if a waterspout is coming are look for dark spinning spots in the in a body of water. Look for certain types of clouds {such as cumulus clouds} and also look to see if there is a possable waterspout underneath a line of cumulus clouds with dark, flat bases. A thunderstorm or a line of thunderstorms can produce very intense waterspouts.